Former Cloud9 White player katsumi has announced that she will continue to compete outside of VALORANT Game Changers.

Katja "katsumi" Pfahnl is best known for her time with Cloud9 White in VALORANT. The C9W dynasty netted six straight NA Game Changers victories, but fell out of the 2022 GC Championship in 4th Place. Shortly after, the team disbanded and katsumi found her way to XSET.

Her time with XSET is over, as she has announced a change for her competitive future. Through a post on X, katsumi detailed her exit from the Game Changers scene. She's ready to dive right into the grind for VALORANT Challengers 2024.

katsumi announces departure from GC and new VALORANT team

(Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games)
(Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games)

No one will ever forget the impact Cloud9 White had on VALORANT as a whole. The team carried Game Changers in North America and set the standard for what winning means in the esport. All of them have moved on, with some finding similar success and others looking for it elsewhere.

That second part refers to katsumi. She has stated her intentions to continue competing in VALORANT, but it won't be in Game Changers. This move is said to be an uncomfortable shift to challenge her as her goal has always been to compete at the very top level of the game.

At the very end of her announcement, she mentioned the team that she will compete with going forward. That team consists of her and the following four players:

  • Jason "JSUNG" Sung
  • Reid "x0tek" Johnson
  • Danny "huynh" Huynh
  • Luis "Papi" Canelon

This is a team with former Gen.G and Soniqs players in its ranks. As well, katsumi and x0tek stick together in VALORANT with the latter being a former Cloud9 White coach. Per VLR, the team is registered in recent tournaments under the name Wombo Combo. She mentions that the team has not determined an official name yet, however.

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