Riot has previously punished teams for abusing the Cypher cam bug in the same place .

Yesterday Riot Games handed a six-round penalty to Vivo Keyd for abusing a Cypher cam bug. The penalty means Acend has now secured a win over Vivo Keyd in Group A of VCT Champions Berlin. Soon after Riot’s ruling, #justiceforkeyd started trending on Twitter as fans and pro players alike shared their thoughts on Riot’s judgement.

Keyd’s Jhow used the Cypher cam bug on six different occasions in yesterdays group stage match to gain an uninterrupted view on Breeze. The information obtained from these rounds was crucial in Keyd’s victory says Riot Games. However, several members of the community as well as a few pro players feel Riot’s implementation of the ruling was unfair.

Community demands justice for Keyd

Within a few hours of Riot’s ruling fans took to social media to demand justice for Vivo Keyd. Many felt it was unjust on Riot’s part to give away six rounds for a rule that’s not included in the bug list. However, Riot’s rulebook disallows intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage. Furthermore, teams have the option to confidentially check with Riot Games on the legality of any boost of exploit.

Hours after Riot’s ruling, Keyd’s founder tweeted an image showing the topic #justiceforKeyd trending on Twitter.

#JusticeforKeyd was trending on twitter hours after Riot’s ruling. Image Credit: Keyd’s founder, EduKkim

Version1’s Zellsis also tweeted the hashtag throwing his support behind Vivo Keyd.

Several other players such as 100Thieves Asuna, Envy’s yay also feel 100Thieves Asuna felt Riot were unfair in their implementation of the rulebook. Yay thinks the punishment is too harsh and Riot should have replayed the rounds/match.

“If the camera is deemed illegal prior, officials should have stopped the match and replayed x rounds upon seeing the cam 6 times. Mistakes”

Former Beastcoast player and substitute for Version1, Jammyz feels the issue should be addressed during the match.

“Can’t gift rounds based on cam usage after the match has already been played.”


KeyD’s Murizz confirmed on twitter that this specific bug is not on the official list of exploits. However, the Vivo Keyd players have taken the ruling in their stride and are already looking ahead to their next match The match between Keyd and X10 is an elimination match.

Which rule did Vivo Keyd break?

Riot Games cited rule 7.2.6 of the Valorant Champions Tour Global Competition Policy in its announcement.

Intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage is exploiting and is prohibited. Exploiting includes acts such as making use of any game function that, in the Tournament Operator’s sole judgement, is not functioning as intended and violates the design purpose of VALORANT. Team members may confidentially check with the referee at the beginning of a Competition to determine if a specific act would be considered Exploiting. Riot reserves the right to make an ex-post-facto determination of whether an exploit has occurred.”

Teams have the option of confidentially checking with Riot about the legality of this known bug before their match.

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