Valorant esports franchising suspense brings some uncertainty for Valorant pros.

Gen.G esports’ final Valorant player, Noah “jcStani” Smith, is now free to look for new offers as the org moves him to the inactive role. The announcement comes from the player just even as Gen.G remains in contention in the Valorant franchising race.

Gen.G entered Valorant in 2020 signing the FRENCH CANADIANS. The org’s results in Valorant have been substandard, but they have stuck around often trying their best to field a competitive roster. Despite featuring players such as mCE, Purer and more, the org’s results have been disappointing.

However, Valorant is now moving to a franchise system, where Gen.G hopes to be one of the teams approved by Riot. According to a Dotesports report by George Geddes, Gen.G is still in contention for a franchise spot. Riot Games has been evaluating various franchise applications based on their financials, their competitiveness in Valorant as well as their social media presence amongst other factors. Gen.G has stuck around for a long time and even today features a female Valorant roster, Gen.G Black. 

The Gen.G Black Valorant roster is as follows;

  • Carlee "Carlee" Gress
  • Hannah "hannah" Reyes
  • Lee Lee "leelee" McNeil
  • Tiraye "Tiraye" Knox
  • Lynn "Lynn" Clarke (benched)

Jcstani - Final Gen.G player searching for a new home

Jcstani joined Gen.G esports earlier this year in April. The 21-year-old player has been a part of Immortals, Andbox and Pioneers. He was also on loan to 100Thieves during VCT NA stage 1 this year.

The player is famous for his controller players on Viper and Astra. He also plays Chamber to lethal effect in games. 

Currently, there are only two players contracted to Gen.G - jcStani and NaturE. Both players are now reserved free agent, looking for teams in the current uncertain Valorant esports landscape. Earlier Rhyme also posted he is a restricted free agent, allowed to explore other opportunities in Valorant. 

As Valorant heads into a new franchise-based system, it will be interesting to see which orgs stick it out in the lower tiers and which make the cut to the VCT. 

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