GARUDA represented Indonesia well with expertly played VALORANT on their way to winning Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023.

There were a handful of favorites entering Campus Clutch. And then there was GARUDA. The team representing Indonesia were utterly unstoppable during their Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023 run. They only dropped a single map through the Group Stage and Playoff bracket, securing a victory in the World Final tournament.

GARUDA brings the Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023 trophy to Indonesia

(Image via Red Bull)
(Image via Red Bull)

Year one went to Anubis Gaming representing Africa and West Asia. Year two was all Northwood Esports on behalf of the United States of America. In year three, GARUDA forcefully took the Red Bull Campus Clutch win for Indonesia.

They did it with hardly any adversity. Team Indonesia was on fire from start to finish. This is absolutely a preview of future pro circuit stars:

  • Valdyn1
  • Kush
  • ray
  • Cud
  • gotten

These five players showed incredible fortitude throughout the event. Flawless rounds, Aces, and an aggressive playstyle on both sides of the Spike set them up for success. When behind at any given time, they battled back with nerves of steel.

That confidence in themselves and each other as a team was a collegiate VALORANT showcase like no other. They looked comfortable on the stage as if they have been performing at this level for years. And no one stood a chance when Indonesia entered the server at Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023.

A look at their tournament record

From the Group Stage best-of-one matches to the Playoff best-of-threes, and onto the best-of-five Grand Final, GARUDA was in control.

  • Group Stage: 1:0 victory over Guatemala
  • Group Stage: 1:0 victory of United States
  • Group Stage: 1:0 victory over France
  • Group Stage: 1:0 victory over Romania
  • Round of 16: 2:0 victory over Germany
  • Quarterfinals: 2:0 victory of Pakistan
  • Semifinals: 2:0 victory of Czech Republic
  • Grand Final: 3:1 victory over Peru

They were one map away from going perfect. While that would have been nice for Indonesia, winning Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023 in the manner they did is nothing to scoff at. Dropping a single map in the Grand Final after a grueling tournament is an incredible outcome. Congratulations to them.

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