“I have the potential, I know it,” SkRossi critiques his performance at VCT LOCK//IN cover image

“I have the potential, I know it,” SkRossi critiques his performance at VCT LOCK//IN

SkRossi discussed his performance at VCT LOCK//IN in a post-match press conference following Global Esports vs. Team Vitality.

Perhaps the most anticipatory debut of VCT LOCK//IN was that of Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar and Global Esports. The group battled Team Vitality in their opening match of the tournament. And while the results did not go their way, there were sparks of an amazing VALORANT team shown.

During a post-match press conference, Global Esports faced members of the media regarding the defeat. Esports.gg asked SkRossi about his performance in his sole game at VCT LOCK//IN, as seemingly the entire weight of India was on his shoulders.

Global Esports' SkRossi feels he could have performed much better at VCT LOCK//IN

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

The story of SkRossi is inspiring. The backing of Global Esports as they took the stage was truly global. It was their time to show what a team made of players from multiple regions, with a wide range of experience, and loads of expectations is capable of.

Overall, they showed incredible aim and a fighting spirit unmatched by many other VALORANT teams. Team Vitality was just more composed, giving them the edge in finishing out the three-map series. Because of the loss, SkRossi was a bit disappointed in his performance:

"I think this tournament, or this game, I think it was like my 40 percent potential. I know I can do so much better. It just comes with experience and more games at these big stages. I don't think this was a really good performance. I could have done much better, is what I feel.

"I have the potential, I know it. It's just a matter of time, that it comes out. It's not over yet. It's only over when I give up. Until then, it's never over. We have the rest of the year, we have the rest of the league. We have time, we'll get it."

The pressure may have been too much in Global Esports' debut, but SkRossi is very confident in the team's future. He believes the potential is there. They'll have the chance to unlock and showcase that potential once the Pacific League begins.

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