Pride Month is here. Get your own Tactibear now!

VALORANT has brought back its annual Pride Month Collection for 2024 with two new changes. The classic Pride gun buddy has been replaced with the adorable Tactibear. Check out how you can redeem the items for your inventory.

Tactibear Gun Buddy, "Better Together" title

Alongside the usual collection of VALORANT Player Cards, this year's Pride Month 2024 collection also brings two new additions. Replacing the Pride gun buddy is the adorable Tactibear holding a Pride-colored heart. While the Pride gun buddy had an understated look similar to the Act buddies, the Tactibear brings its usual cuteness to your inventory.

Meanwhile, the previous selection of titles, namely "Ally," "Proud," and "Proud and Fierce," have been replaced by the "BETTER TOGETHER" title. This marks the first time the new pride bundles don't include the items from the previous collection.

How to get VALORANT Pride Month 2024 Collection?

Returning this year is the code-based redemption system for the collection, which replaces 2023's free bundle, which could be bought from the store itself. Much like in 2021 and 2022, players can log onto the Riot Games redemption page and enter the codes for the items they want.

Here are the steps for redemption:

  1. Visit Riot Games' redemption page
  2. Enter the relevant code for redemption -
    • All 8 Pride Player Cards: CC-VAL24-PLAYR-CARDS
    • Tactibear Gun Buddy: CC-VAL24-HEART-BUDDY
  3. Check your inventory for the items

Keep in mind that these codes can only be redeemed on the website. Also, the codes are case-sensitive. Pride codes are redeemable until June 25 at 2pm PT.

Riot Introduces Community Pride Hub for Valorant Pride Month 2024

Also new this year is a Riot Games Community Pride Hub to celebrate the contributions of LGBTQIA+ players in the Riot community. This hub will be showcasing fan art, cosplay, streamers and community groups that enrich the diverse communities around both VALORANT and League of Legends.

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Featured Image via Riot Games

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