There’s a number of reasons you might want to block VALORANT players. We got you covered.

VALORANT is one of the most popular multiplayer FPS titles today with thousands of players every day. The game has a thriving esports scene and includes several features that make everyone welcome to join the game. However, there are always mischievous elements and players might feel the need to block certain players from time to time. Here’s how to block players in VALORANT.

What does blocking mean in VALORANT?

Image Credit: VALORANT
Image Credit: VALORANT

VALORANT does a good job of ensuring the player base follows the community guidelines. These include bans or temporary mutes on players who are misusing the voice and text chat. There is also a Report system that ensures there are no loopholes being exploited by mischievous elements of the player base. 

However, sometimes some accounts do get through the report system. If you want to avoid interacting with these accounts, unfortunately, you cannot block them, yet. But that does not mean it will not be a feature added to VALORANT in the future. 

Can you block players in VALORANT?

As of 2023, you cannot block players in VALORANT. The game has a very robust reporting and blocking system that ensures the game provides a favorable experience for all.

However, despite the most robust system, there will still be elements that can slip through. As such, Riot provides players with the option to report these players for a wide variety of reasons. 

You can report players in-game by right-clicking on their name from your friends’ list. Image Credit:
You can report players in-game by right-clicking on their name from your friends’ list. Image Credit:

Will Riot implement a Block system for VALORANT?

Riot developers have confirmed a ‘Block list’ is one of their priorities. In a Reddit comment on October 12, 2023, Riot developer Sara Dadafshar confirmed they are working on a block list.

"We're currently investigating ways in which we can effectively allow players to play with folks that are a little more up their play style, but let me provide you with some insight on why a block list is actually a trickier feature to implement than what it may seem like. There's been other competitive games that have tried to implement this feature, but at high elo, folks used the block list as a way of avoiding playing against certain individuals that they would not have a good time going up against. Often times, this block would be thrown left and right against good players, causing them to be on a mass ignore list, tanking the queues that they'd join. It's a great way for folks to isolate certain individuals from queues, even though the intent of it is to "block/ignore" the disruptive players who are tossing profanities and other inappropriate things into voice/chat. With that being said though, the idea isn't completely off the table. This concept is something that gets brought up often, and we are very down to implement some safe version of it that won't be abused, but keeps players protected as well. Updates to come" - via Reddit.

The block list can be a contentious issue, especially at the higher echelons of the game. With a smaller pool in at high levels, blocking a few people can make it woefully difficult for the matchmaking system.

But there are Block lists in several other games and we can expect Riot to come up with a solution. Hopefully, this solution will not extend the Matchmaking queue times, but that’s a tough act to balance. 

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