Global Esports announces more signings ahead of VCT 2023 cover image

Global Esports announces more signings ahead of VCT 2023

Global Esports have announced more players that will be competing with them in VCT 2023.

Update 10/18/2022: Global Esports has revealed more acquisitions that will be competing under their banner in the 2023 VCT Pacific League. covered the initial announcement video yesterday that was posted on YouTube. Since then, more players have been added to the roster.

This morning, Kim "t3xture" Na-ra, Park "Bazzi" Jun-ki and Michael "WRONSKI" Wronski were all signed to the organization.

Following the announcement here is the current roster for Global Esports:

  • SkRossi
  • HellrangeR
  • KappA
  • skillZ
  • Lightningfast
  • Kohliii
  • t3xture
  • Bazzi

Global Esports releases roster announcement on YouTube

Global Esports has revealed the first four players that will make up their Valorant roster for the 2023 VCT Season. The announcement comes to us via a Youtube video which was uploaded to their personal channel.

Global Esports reveal three more members of their roster

While they had already announced that former-XSET player Jordan "Ayrin" He would be headlining the roster, the Indian organization have seen fit to reveal a few of the players that will be joining him. The roster will feature former Crazy Raccoons and On Sla2ters player Park "Bazzi" Jun-ki as well as Damwon's Kim "t3xture" Na-ra. With former Order and MindFreak player Michael "Wronski" Wronski rounding out the troop. Who incidentally will become the first Australian/Oceanian to play at the highest level of Valorant competition when Global Esports take the stage in the Pacific League for the 2023 VCT season.

The three players bring with them plenty of experience and will offer a good amount of variety in terms of team compositions. Though they are all primarily duelist players, they have proven themselves capable of adapting to new roles fair well, which they will have to be able to do if they wish to do well in the Pacific League. It is unclear when we expect Global Esports to reveal the remaining players that will make up their Valorant squad. Nor will we have a clearer picture as to what their main lineup will be. But when we do know, you will be able to find all of the pertinent information by heading over to our VCT 2023 roster tracker.