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Global Esports sign XSET Ayrin


Global Esports reportedly have signed the XSET controller Ayrin. With the soft lock for the rosters fast aproaching, who else will join the Indian org?

Global Esports has reportedly signed XSET's controller Ayrin. The Indian organization is one of the 10 teams selected for the VCT APAC partnership. And with the soft roster lock fast approaching, they are looking to finalize their 6-man roster for submission.

According to a report by George Geddes of Dot Esports, the deal was signed on October 4th, and Jordan “AYRIN” He will be flying out to Seoul, South Korea to compete with the rest of the roster next year. The signing was teased on Global Esports' Twitter account and Youtube channel.

Ayrin and Global Esports will formally announce the deal in the next few days. With the October 15th roster lock deadline fast approaching, partner teams need to finalize their rosters. Riot will have to be notified of at least six contracted players on the roster from all 30 partnered teams by that date.

With only one import player allowed per roster, the Canadian will be taking the import slot for Global Esports.

All 30 Franchise Teams participating in the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour Season (Image taken from Valorant Esports Twitter)
All 30 Franchise Teams participating in the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour Season (Image taken from Valorant Esports Twitter)

Ayrin to be part of Global Esports 10-man roster

Global Esports will be competing in the APAC international league which features prominent organizations like T1, Gen.G, DRX and Paper Rex, among others. The international leagues begin next year following the Kickoff event in São Paulo, Brazil.

All 30 teams are expected to compete at the event to find out which region is the most dominant. The winning team will earn an extra spot for the Masters event later in the year. With Global Esports planning to run a 10-man-roster Ayrin is expected to be a key component of their finalised roster for Kickoff.

Will he be able to elevate GE to international contenders? With the Off-Season in full swing, stay tuned to for the latest Valorant news and updates.

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