GIANTX announce VALORANT Gamechangers roster cover image

GIANTX announce VALORANT Gamechangers roster

A mix of some of the best players from EMEA come together to form the GIANTX roster.

GIANTX has announced its VALORANT GameChangers 2024 roster. The team will debut against BBL Queens this Friday at 5 pm CET. Read on to find out more about their new roster as well as future matches.

GIANTX unveil VALORANT Gamechangers roster

“GIANTX has been a pioneer in the esports landscape for creating competitive women's teams, and this VALORANT roster continues the legacy that started with League of Legends and Counter-Strike 2. These are players of the highest level, with remarkable potential. Our goal goes beyond doing well or the best possible: we want to continuously grow and improve in order to be perceived as an equal opponent to the most renowned teams”, says David Alonso, esports director - GIANTX

GIANTX also has esports teams in League of Legends (LEC) and the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). They also compete in the League of Legends Superliga (the Spanish League)

What is GIANTX VALORANT roster?

  • Yağmur ‘Smurfette’ Gündüz
  • Neslişah ‘Ness’ Demir
  • Tina ‘Joliinaa’ Agéli
  • Eylül ‘Miyori’ Sudem Sarıoğlu
  • Sara ‘Sarah’ Ahmed
  • Lidia ‘Didii’ del Moral de la Torre
  • Antonio ‘Aska’ Lozano (coach)

Smurfette joins the team as a Duelist. She was previously part of FUT esports and played on that team for five months. The 25-year-old player is notorious for her Raze and Jett plays, although it will be interesting to see how she adapts to the team.

Joining Smurfette would be Ness - also from FUT. The synergy between the two players might as well be one of the cornerstones for the new roster’s strength.

Didii joins the team as the substitute. Miyori joins the team from NAVI while Sarah was formerly part of G2 Gozen.

The new team will compete in the VCT 2024: Game Changers EMEA Stage 1 - Group Stage. They are part of Group A along with BBL Queens, NEON Blade, NASR Ignite and Karmine Corp GC. The VCT GameChangers EMEA kicks off on February 16 and will continue for several weeks through till March 11. VALORANT fans can catch all the action live on Twitch.

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