VALORANT player Temperature is learning exactly what it takes to be a great team in VALORANT.

Gen.G are now eliminated from the VCT Last Chance Qualifiers, but they went out showing viewers that they should not be a team to underestimate. After barely qualifying for the VCT Last Chance Qualifiers tournament as the 10th and final seed at the event, expectations were initially low.

Yet, time and time again, Gen.G throughout the tournament put up strong showings against Luminosity Gaming and even against tournament favorites like 100 Thieves and Cloud9 Blue. The key to these newfound results? A lot of work. 

Everything has been moving at a rapid pace and for newcomer Nolan “Temperature” Pepper, the past month was a quick wake up call that he needed to fit a year’s worth of growth into just one month. And even though it was difficult, it has become a period of growth he is incredibly thankful for.

In this interview, we speak to Gen.G Temperature to talk about the differences of playing at the top level of VALORANT, Gen.G’s team atmosphere and why he was thankful for the two week buffer at LCQ.

You guys seem to have a good environment to the point you would even pull a knife out to kill someone in an elimination game? Talk to me about those moments.

Gen.G Temperature: I will always be scarred by this one CS:GO clip where Nitr0 was going for a knife on Simple and Liquid were up 15-9. Then Simple just wins and I always think, what if they just didn’t troll. Personally, that is why I did not even risk it and just kept my pistol out and right clicked. I just wanted to win the round. laughs

Nobody got out of hand or anything and we just stayed the same. Sometimes we have a bit of fun but people consistently were taking the game seriously. It is an elimination game, so it would be weird to even possibly get complacent. But I cannot lie, I was not trying to deal with a possible knife loss. Laughs 

Nicholas “Nitr0” Cannella is now a VALORANT player for 100 Thieves.

How have you been adjusting into this new environment with Gen.G. What has the jump from Evil Geniuses to this team been like?

Gen.G Temperature: Yeah. I mean, the environments are a little bit different. Overall, they kind of have the same core and you need to have fun to be able to play your best. I’ll say EG falls a little bit more on the serious side while Gen.G falls a little bit more on the personality aspect and having fun.

It’s all been a learning process because I am not used to playing against Tier 1 teams very often. I needed to adjust to change the way I think about the game in order to match what they’re going for. The two weeks benefited me the most out of probably any other player because I feel it allowed me to overcome a couple of hurdles that resulted in very passive play against 100T. For myself, I am learning a lot.

You are a young player, did nerves get to you on stage in that 100 Thieves match?

Gen.G Temperature: I know some people say when they’re on stage, they get really nervous. I actually have the opposite effect. Instead, I feel calmer playing onstage because I can see the players. I know what they’re here for and I know what I’m here for. Atmosphere is different and it benefits me more. I just didn’t play well. 

You talk about that two week period being so beneficial for you to overcome big hurdles. What specifically did you learn?

GEN.G Temperature: Some of it was playing against more disruptive teams. Against passive teams, I tend to do really well against the defense, but when they’re in my face flashing me, I tend to struggle. We scrimmed 100 Thieves a couple times after that and I realize the primary differences are just aim. It made me realize how little impact I was making on the impact just playing either good or bad.

Now, I am more conscious of what’s going on which leads to more impact through movement. That was a hurdle. I feel Elmapuddy, and the rest of the team has helped me a lot with it.

Temperature was part of Evil Geniuses’ mixed gender VALORANT lineup for most of 2021 before joining Gen.G in late September.

Seems like Gen.G has helped you make the transition to tier 1 play and you are able to be more conscious of specific movements so you can take more aggressive plays instead of fearing a mistake.

Gen.G Temperature: For sure. It isn’t always about not making a mistake, it is just getting used to how different teams at the top level play. The difference between Tier 2 and tier 1 is massive and something that people will not notice unless they listen to the comms.

It’s just communication that goes extremely far. As Koosta would say, being mindful of your actions was more of a feeling aspect versus a thought out aspect. In tier two, it’s more thought out, but also you’re incorporating your feelings into your thoughts in order to reach a more optimal result. Sometimes it doesn’t go well, but it’s better to call it than to not say anything and do absolutely nothing.

Now, I feel more complete as a player and more confident.

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