We’re heading closer to the first Asian VCT International LAN

The top three teams from VCT Stage 1 China are now confirmed and will represent China at VCT Masters Shanghai. FunPlus Phoenix, EDward Gaming and Dragon Ranger are the top three teams at VCT Stage 1. FunPlus Phoenix is already in the Grand Finals, waiting on the winner of the EDward Gaming vs Dragon Ranger match.

FunPlus Phoenix, EDward Gaming, and Dragon Ranger qualify for VCT Masters Shanghai

After several weeks of intense competition, FunPlus Phoenix, EDward Gaming and Dragon Ranger have qualified for VCT Masters Shanghai. FunPlus Phoenix is already in the Grand Finals after a 2-0 victory over EDward Gaming in the Upper bracket finals.

FPX has had a fantastic run through the VCT China League Stage 1. The team finished unbeaten in Group Omega. They had victories over every other team in Group Alpha, taking a clear lead over their opponents. With a +55 Rond difference, the team had the best round difference despite playing against fewer number of teams. 

Meanwhile, EDward Gaming were the best in Group Alpha. They did lose to FunPlus Phoenix, but they dominated over everyone else against them. Both teams came directly up to the Upper Bracket semifinals and had no trouble sending Trace Esports and Dragon Ranger down to the lower bracket. 

Once in the upper bracket final, both teams had already secured their place at VCT Masters Shanghai. Down in the lower bracket, Dragon Ranger eliminated Trace Esports and secured a Top-three finish at VCT Masters Shanghai.

The other teams that have already qualified for Masters Shanghai include

  • G2 esports
  • 100 Thieves
  • Fnatic
  • Team Heretics
  • T1
  • Paper Rex
  • GenG

VCT Masters Shanghai kicks off on May 23 and will feature twelve teams in action. The tournament will last for nearly twenty days and is an opportunity for teams to showcase their best abilities. The event employs a 8-team Swiss System format and the teams that reach two teams will advance to the playoffs. 

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