Is SEA a new landing spot for EMEA talent after successful VCT Champions run?

In one of the most unlikely roster changes in the VALORANT offseason, Swedish VALORANT player Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi will be joining SEA team Bleed in 2022.

Pyth now with a team after inactivity with G2

Pyth has been on the sidelines watching G2 after he was benched by the team in June. After making the switch from CS:GO in May 2020, he joined G2’s VALORANT lineup.

The former CS:GO player was instrumental in helping G2 develop early dominance in Riot Games’ FPS title, such as the WePlay Invitational in July 2020, BLAST Twitch Invitational in September 2020, and the first Red Bull Homeground earlier this year. 

Unfortunately, after such a strong start in VALORANT, G2 began to struggle in VCT tournaments. Due to these struggles, the majority of the initial G2 lineup was benched, aside from captain Mixwell in mid-2021.

After spending approximately five months on the inactive lineup, Pyth declared free agency in November. Now, he is looking to return back to competitive play, and make the move to SEA.

“I’m leaving Sweden in January and will be moving to Singapore and competing in the VCT Southeast Asia [with Bleed] in 2022,” he said on Twitter.

SEA up and coming in 2022 VALORANT

SEA enjoyed a successful run at VCT Champions in 2021. Out of three participating teams, two teams, X10 and Team Secret, qualified out of the group stages and into the quarterfinals. And after such a successful tournament at VALORANT’s first World Championship, players are viewing it as a viable landing spot in 2022.

POTSDAM, GERMANY – DECEMBER 5: Team Secret poses on stage after a victory match at the VALORANT Champions Groups Stage on December 5, 2021 in Potsdam, Germany. (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

For Blood, the Singaporean team parted with three players in late November and found immediate replacements. Unable to qualify for VCT Champions, the SEA team is still attending tournaments this year as they figure out the rest of their lineup. Though, the organization did say Pyth would be the organization’s fourth VALORANT player, even with a complete lineup currently existing.

It is currently unknown if Bleed will import more international players or if the pyth acquisition is a one-off move. Until then, make sure to follow Bleed as they look to prepare for the upcoming 2022 season with their new Swedish star in pyth.

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