Flirting in VALORANT leads to sister stabbing younger sibling to death cover image

Flirting in VALORANT leads to sister stabbing younger sibling to death

A sister’s flirting in VALORANT led to her getting stabbed to death by her older sibling in a shocking case in Florida.

A 21-year-old woman reportedly stabbed her younger sister for flirting with her boyfriend in VALORANT.

Fatiha Marzan was arrested on a fist-degree murder charge last week for killing her 20-year-old sister Sayma Marzan, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The murder happened on September 26 in the middle of a night with a dagger Marzan purchased on Amazon.

Marzan had reportedly been plotting her sister's murder for two weeks after she witnessed her flirting with her long-distance boyfriend in VALORANT's in-game chat. Marzan had been with the boyfriend for five years but he ended up telling her sister he loved her instead. That's when Marzan killed her sister with the knife she'd kept hidden for two weeks once her family was asleep.

"Fatiha said her sister, Sayma, had been trying to steal her boyfriend for the past year. Fatiha recently found out that her boyfriend would flirt back with Sayma and told her that he loved her,” The Orange County arrest affidavit stated.

Marzan told her sister how she felt about the situation but told police that Sayma never respected her feelings on the affair. That's when she decided to take drastic measures, stabbing her sister three to four times "in the heart."

Marzan called the police 15 hours after the incident but she was pronounced dead soon after.