FaZe Clan eliminate NRG to secure top 3 at VCT NA Challengers 2 cover image

FaZe Clan eliminate NRG to secure top 3 at VCT NA Challengers 2

FaZe will face XSET in the lower bracket finals tomorrow.

For many Valorant fans, FaZe Clan came into the lower bracket semifinals as the favorites. The team had been leading North America Challengers in terms of entry frags and they were extremely dominant about it. 

FaZe lost to 100T in their first playoffs match in Challengers 2. However, Babybay and Dicey have repeatedly stepped up for FaZe Clan as they marched through the lower bracket. Today, FaZe were the better team compared to NRG, whose players were no longer playing from one location due to a COVID scare.

In the post-match interview, FaZe Babybay said

People think I'm a one-trick or something. They don't realize when you're good at the game, you're good at the game. When you have that intuition, you can play any character. I come from Overwatch, I had to learn multiple heroes. Granted most of them were DPS, but I've done it all. I can play anything It was actually my idea to run this comp nearly three weeks ago.

FaZe Babybay on his Kay/O pick at VCT Challengers NA

He goes on to say that he only plays Kay/O on ranked Ascent, and that was a big reason for him choosing the agent on the third map. Babybay finished the series with 48 kills and a 204 ACS.

NRG and FaZe go the distance in thrilling 3-map series

NRG won the pistol round on Icebox but that was it for the team for a very long time. FaZe’s defense stood tall for the next 10 rounds

FaZe were relatively successful in getting the plants, but they seemed to struggle in getting through the post-plants. 

On the second half, NRG secured the first four rounds. Every round was crucial for NRG as FaZe needed just three round to take Map 1. Just as the various cracks in the FaZe gameplan started showing, they pulled out a fantastic post-plant victory to get their 11th round.

The 16th round was one of the best rounds in the entire series with players on both teams showing up. Ultimately, some patience and gamesense meant FaZe won the round.

The very next round,however, NRG Tex picked up the pace getting three kills to get NRG back on the road. He got a 1v3 clutch that seemed near impossible to keep his team in the running. 

There was more in store for Valorant fans as Tex was not done just yet. The very next round, he got three opening kills shutting down any FaZe dreams of winning the round. Ultimately the map went the distance, but FaZe won Icebox with a 13-11 score. The final round saw FaZe change everything up and rush to a bombsite to surprise NRG. With a 1 map lead in the VCT Challengers NA lower bracket semifinals, FaZe Clan needed just one more map win to secure the victory.

NRG tie the series with strong defense

Despite losing Map 1, NRG clearly had the momentum going into Map 2. NRG started Split with a 7-0 lead with Tex and Som often getting the first bloods but often, not backing down and even getting more kills. 

People think I'm a one-trick or something. They don't realize when you're good at the game, you're good at the game.

FaZe Babybay on his kayo pick

On the defense, NRG’s utility usage also enabled them to defend the A bombsite with repeated success. NRG looked like they were prepared to play this map with the massive lead. FaZe managed to win the last few rounds to bring the score to a respectable 4-8. The second pistol round was crucial for FaZe’s chances to make a comeback but they did not win the pistol. However, they were able to defend the second round, mostly because NRG ran down the clock.

A heroic performance by S0m in the third round meant NRG once again won a round. The back and forth between the two teams was not in FaZe’s favor as NRG were just a few rounds away from victory. 

The two teams continued to trade rounds and ultimately that meant NRG tied the series 1-1.

A dominant FaZe showing on Ascent

The third map started in FaZe’s favor with the flyuh-led team marching towards six consecutive round victories. The sevent round seemed to be going in NRG’s favor, but a 1v4 ace clutch by Supah stopped NRG in their tracks. 

Throughout the map, FaZe’s utility usage spoke volumes of their restraint ability to judge NRG”s playstyle. 

But as NRG started its comeback on the attacking side, there were multiple instances of individual performances. On one particular round, the 17th round, individual players from both teams put up stellar performances. Both Dicey and eeiu pulled off clutch performances, with eeiu surviving to win the round for NRG. 

However, the massive FaZe Clan lead was too much for NRG to overcome as they had to bow out of the series 2-1. FaZe Clan secured the VCT Challengers NA lower bracket semifinal after an exciting series that saw both teams swing multiple rounds together.

With this victory FaZe Clan go on to face XSET in the lower bracket finals of the VCT Challengers tomorrow. The winner will face OpTiC Gaming who have already secured their spot in the Grand Finals.