F4Q head coach Locomotive is not focused on trying to win VCT Masters Berlin. Instead, his goal is built around making sure F4Q’s players see growth during this event.

F4Q entered VCT Masters Berlin with very little expectations to make an impact. In a group with both G2 Esports and Sentinels not many expect the South Korean team, with lesser infrastructure to challenge their opponents. The outcome of their first match in Berlin was along expected lines. The team lost Game 1 on Ascent, but had a dominating comeback performance on Bind. Game 3 was competitive, but G2 had the edge to win the series with a 2-1 score.

After narrowly losing their opening series at VCT Masters Berlin to G2 2-1, F4Q have shown us they are not a team to be underestimated. Yet, for head coach Yoo “Locomotive” Jung-sun, the team’s results do not matter. Instead, his mindset in Berlin is set on player growth.

In this interview we speak to F4Q Locomotive about his personal goals for F4Q at Berlin as well as the responsibilities of being the sole coach of the team.

With Bren Esports out of the tournament, Group D became a three team group with F4Q, G2 and Sentinels, how did preparation change after that?

F4Q Locomotive: ​​I wouldn’t say it has a huge effect on our preparation. Our mindset was actually to not prepare for Bren so our team practices did not change.

Would you say that most of the preparation for Berlin is for Sentinels and G2? 

F4Q Locomotive: The primary focus of our training is around our own performance as a team. We are not focusing on our opponents’ gameplay right now. Instead, I am directing most of the focus on boosting confidence. It is important the team knows why they are both good and bad. Once we reach a certain level as a team, then we can begin to put focus on our opponents. For now, we are using this event to focus on our own gameplay and grow.

F4Q share Group D with the Sentinels who won VCT Masters Reykjavik.

Talk to me about qualifying for VCT Masters Berlin. What was that like for you as a coach to help F4Q to this event?

F4Q Locomotive: I have been with F4Q for a little over one month. Since joining, my focus is built around maximizing the potential of all my players. Some may say that F4Q are at this event because of my impact, but I cannot take full credit. Personally, I am thankful that I am able to join F4Q as a coach and be at Berlin. It is an honor to be apart of the growth process for this team.

I do not feel that G2 are a team that is way ahead of us. Instead, I feel as if we just need to refine a few more things to get there.

Today, you were up against G2 where you guys narrowly lost 2-1. What is your stance on G2 after playing against them?

F4Q Locomotive: I do not feel that G2 are a team that is way ahead of us. Instead, I feel as if we just need to refine a few more things to get there. Whether it be fixing our tempo or our in-game tactics, we have an opportunity to really learn with this group. It is a great opportunity for us to use this event as a way to practice. My primary focus is set on making sure we are a stronger team after this event. Still, because of the group format, we will face them again. I think the next time we meet, F4Q will be able to challenge them even more.

F4Q is a team that does not have nearly as much support as other VALORANT teams. In fact, you are the only coach F4Q has. Talk to me about the challenges you face doing all of this on your own?

F4Q Locomotive: There are only 24 hours in a day and with just one coach, there is only so much I am capable of handling. Teams with three or four coaches have the advantage of covering a lot more with that time. Still, I am not going to complain about being the only coach. If I want to show my impact on F4Q and help this team grow, I need to do it myself. By taking this responsibility for my player’s growth, it is going to make me better as well.

F4Q are a team initially formed for fun. Now they are at VCT Masters Berlin looking to improve as a team.

Do you have any final words to any people that doubt F4Q or write them off?

F4Q Locomotive: It’s only normal that fans have relatively lower expectations of us to perform well in Berlin. It actually gives us more confidence knowing that there are no expectations for us to perform well. If we perform well, it creates a scenario where we can create more drama and that is exciting for us. 

Whether you are a fan of us from Korea or a fan elsewhere, we appreciate you. The most important thing for us at Berlin is for us to show good games of VALORANT rather than winning.

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