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Excel Esports announces all-female Valorant team for 2023 cover image

Excel Esports announces all-female Valorant team for 2023


Excel Esports is the next organization to take a dip into the Valorant Game Changers scene with the announcement of their own all-female Valorant roster.

British esports organization Excel Esports has announced its first all-female team. The team will compete in the VCT Game Changers EMEA circuit in 2023 as the latest all-female team to hit the scene. The move follows a highly successful Game Changers competition that attracted wide-spread attention.

Who are Excel Esports?

The organization is probably best known for their League of Legends team for the meme of never making it to playoffs. But that's a curse that has since been broken. The British organization has teams across various esports and is perhaps most recognizable for their BBC documentary following the LEC team called Fight For First.
Despite being involved in many esports and having been first branded in 2014, this will be Excel’s first all-female team and first foray into Valorant. This announcement marks the start of a new path for the British organization.

What do we know about the all-female Valorant roster?

The announcement of this move isn't not widely known, but it's a welcome surprise to fans and players in Game Changers alike. No official team name for this roster has been announced yet.
As part of this roster, the esports organization has successfully signed the former roster of N1MP, including:
  • Cornelia "Neli" Johansson (IGL)
  • India "cataLina" Dubourg
  • Safaa "Purii" Baydi
  • Camille "Luzia" Millet
  • Samantha "Samsi" Caddell

What can we expect from this roster?

The organization hopes to "inspire the next generation" as well as secure strong results from the sheer power of such a stacked roster. The former N1MP roster has notably placed highly in the EMEA Game Changers scene, as well as at the Medusa Series, which is a C-tier competition series.
For many, this announcement comes as a promise of more inclusive esports where women are welcome and able to participate. This is also a bold step from the British organization as it ventures into Valorant by beginning with an all-female team. This promises one thing that's clear to everyone in esports — women have a place here. Women are welcome and able to compete.

The starting legacy of Game Changers

And this is all thanks in part to the attention garnered by Game Changers in the 2022 season. The highly-watched and anticipated tournament, won by G2 Esports Gozen, set the bar for everyone to see the caliber of all-female Valorant teams.
G2 Gozen. Image via @PlayVALORANT on Twitter.
G2 Gozen. Image via @PlayVALORANT on Twitter.
With Excel Esports moving into Valorant, hopefully it won’t be too long before more organizations join in and bring more female teams to the table.  
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Nia Quinn
Nia Quinn
Contributor | Twitter @smolsh0rtie
Nia Quinn is a freelance blogger and esports/gaming writer who first fell into esports through a friend in 2020. She is known online as smolsh0rtie (a name that has a long story behind it) and is an avid fan of League of Legends (across all regions) and Valorant. In her free time she can be found playing video games, drinking boba and squealing about how cute koalas are.