Elmapuddy, a veteran CS:GO and VALORANT coach, is the head coach that FNATIC has finally found for its VALORANT roster.

With the departure of Jacob "mini" Harris, many wondered who would takeover as the FNATIC VALORANT head coach. The team has been dominant since they entered the esport and mini left some big shoes to fill. Well, those shoes have been filled by former Gen.G coach Chris "Elmapuddy" Tebbit as he officially joins FNATIC.

Elmapuddy announced as VALORANT head coach for FNATIC

Gen.G after a match in VCT Pacific with Elmapuddy on the far-right (Image via Riot Games)
Gen.G after a match in VCT Pacific with Elmapuddy on the far-right (Image via Riot Games)

The 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour was undoubtedly the best year FNATIC has had in the first-person shooter. They won VCT LOCK//IN, were the first back-to-back international winners with a victory at Masters Tokyo, and came in 2nd Place during the VCT EMEA playoffs.

They unfortunately fell short at Champions 2023, but still made the top four. This saw talks of VALORANT's first true dynasty form in the community. And shortly after that, it was announced that head coach mini would step back from the role in order to achieve a better work-life balance.

Since that day in September, FNATIC has been without a head coach. Who would be able to lead this team in the way mini did? FNATIC believes that answer to that question is a seasoned veteran in the form of Elmapuddy.

The Australian made a name for himself in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He coached the likes of ORDER, Cloud9, and Gen.G Esports. The latter would bring him back in his transition to VALORANT, where he coached rosters in NA and the VCT Pacific league.

His first tournament at the helm of FNATIC is Red Bull Home Ground 4. This OFF//SEASON event will showcase teams from varying regions in a unique format. It isn't quite the VCT, where he'll be exceptionally challenged, but it will give us a good look at what he can do with the stacked talent at his disposal.

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