Following the loss to 100T that eliminated EG from Stage 2 playoffs, spoke with Jawgemo about what’s next.

Evil Geniuses, your 2023 VALORANT World Champions, are basically a brand-new team in 2024. But they have shown glimpses of that past squad. Unfortunately for Alexander "Jawgemo" Mor and company, though, their season is just about over.

There will be no repeat for EG at Champions Seoul. They fell to 100 Thieves, in a battle that determined the final VCT Americas Stage 2 playoff spot. With one match left, that doesn't even matter, we chatted with Jawgemo to get his thoughts on the 100T loss and what's to come.

EG's Jawgemo talks storylines, season ending, and more after VCT Americas loss to 100 Thieves

(Photo by Marv Watson/Riot Games)
(Photo by Marv Watson/Riot Games)

"This might have been one of the most story-filled matches all year long. From Derrek and Boostio facing their former teams, you and Boostio on opposite sides, Potter going up against Zikz as the coaches. In your opinion, what would you say was the biggest story heading into this?"

Jawgemo: "Definitely, like you said, me playing against my old IGL, coach playing against our old assistant coach. Derek playing against his ex-team. I definitely think, like me and Boostio, we were together for like three years before.

"We had 2021 and 2022 together. We won 2023 together. So, it's good and bad that we won. I learned a lot of stuff. There's plenty of stuff today, where I'm sitting back and I'm just understanding, it was a good fight, you know?

"And then seeing coach Potter planning, having ideas versus our old assistant coach. They both know how they work, they both know how each other works. So, it was definitely nice to see the difference in both of them.

"Especially Derrick playing against his old teammates. I know he was confident. He was ready to win, so I mean, as much as me. I was ready to win, but you know, fell off a little bit towards the end, so yeah."

"The match had a lot of implications, and not just for the two teams involved. After this outcome, what do you feel is the biggest story now coming out of the series?"

Jawgemo: "I guess having 100 Thieves defend their last split win. They made Shanghai of course, but maybe they can close out the year with the two splits in a row. Which would be kind of cool for them. I think that's probably the best story that I have at the moment.

"Maybe the LEV story as well. Seeing them being so explosive, having my old teammate C0M. Going to the next stage, which is Champs and everything, would be pretty sick for them. But I think I have high hopes for Boostio. I think this game made him very confident for the rest of the season."

(Photo by Marv Watson/Riot Games)
(Photo by Marv Watson/Riot Games)

"So, the few times we’ve spoken before, you’ve come off as someone who looks at ways to improve after a loss rather than someone who dwells on the negatives and the what-ifs. Is that a true statement?"

Jawgemo: "I think that is a very true statement. I think today might be the one dwelling I get for the year, so I definitely get to sit back and just understand what happened and how did I fail as a player for my team, you know?

"And I think that's what a lot of players need to understand, is that all us have bad days. If you don't want to improve then you can't improve. That's how it is."

"Right into my next question then. How does that mindset work when it comes to such an important game like this one against 100 Thieves? Are you able to maintain that composure, even with the loss essentially ending your season?"

Jawgemo: "This is the first time I think I had it, where it was like in my hands. I was trying to compare it to last year, and trying to have the same steps that I have. And if we were to hit playoffs, I would be very confident, but it was the game before that and it was the do or die moment.

"I think that's the first time I get to actually experience the do or die moment to get in the playoffs. But now I have the no pressure feeling of what it should have been. You have to lose to win. You have to lose to understand a lot of stuff.

"This is the first time I get to lose like that. So, I think now, coming into next season with any team or whatever the case is, it's, that's how my mentality's going to be like now. I know how I can't fail and where I shouldn't fail as a player, or even as a team as well."

(Photo by Marv Watson/Riot Games)
(Photo by Marv Watson/Riot Games)

"Well, let’s talk about the series a bit. Super close, with both teams taking the other’s map pick. What do you think were the main factors in the two teams not winning their own maps?"

Jawgemo: "There are a lot of micro callings that each team has, and I think that didn't correlate to the third map for us. We didn't really set up a lot of stuff that we usually do or I would look for, like a lot of picks that I would normally do as well, as the Duelist.

"And I think I got a little bit hesitant on how I wanted to play the game, instead of just being confident in how I usually play the game. So, I think the micro calling from the IGL definitely had it's benefits, of where you see where the strong suit is and where the IGL thinks where the other team's at currently.

"And I think that takes time, especially when it's very high pressure. We don't ever know. We're just kind of assuming and trying to figure out where they should be."

"That brings to me map three, Ascent. Opposite performances from you and Cryo. He fragged out while you struggled to get going, to put it bluntly. You hadn’t played an official on Ascent in months up until this series. Were you worried about having to go Jett for Jett with Cryo on that map?"

Jawgemo: "Not really. That was the first time I didn't really feel pressure playing against his Jett. It was just that, I think I set myself up for failure. After we lost that Thrifty, I mentally got in my own head after that.

"I think he had knives and was peeking Cat. He one-tapped me and I 140'd him with the Outlaw. I think that kind of set me up to be less confident. I wasn't really pressured, because I know my old teammate, Demon1, I wasn't really scared of his Jett.

"Cryo kind of has a mixture of a very aggro jet and a stationary Jett. So, I was trying to understand his play style and it got shut down. All around. So, it was kind of hard for me to get back into the groove."

(Photo by Marv Watson/Riot Games)
(Photo by Marv Watson/Riot Games)

"Overall then, how would you rate the series for Evil Geniuses?"

Jawgemo: "I think, as my other teammates, I would say like an eight. And then for myself I was like a six. So, just put seven for the whole series. That's probably the number I would give. I would say we were like 70%. We weren't at our full potential, but I could see that eventually. The season's over though now, so it's kind of rough."

"Lastly, we’ll touch on the season being over after the next match, with EG missing playoffs. It’s July. You go from a world championship to not a single international tournament this year. A lot of players, fans, and even competitors in other games have said their piece about the VALORANT pro schedule. Can I get your thoughts on it and finish with what the offseason might look like for you after the MIBR series?"

Jawgemo: "This was the first time I missed every event. And it is kind of sad, you know? It definitely is. I mean, 2025, I have to wait for that. I mean, last season during the off season I was just looking for teams, when the team split up.

"Practicing my own play style, coming back to EG with my head up. Becoming the full-time Duelist and trying to perfect my craft. I think that is basically what I will do this year as well. Just keep perfecting my craft.

"And I think aspas had a tweet saying that like, a lot of these Duelist players give up, go to other roles, or they give up and they retire. I don't want to be that person. I'm not going to be. I know what I can do and I know where I should be at. So, this year of losing definitely makes me look forward to next year."

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