EDG vs Giants Champions LA 2023: EDward Gaming come out on top of a three map thriller with Giants cover image

EDG vs Giants Champions LA 2023: EDward Gaming come out on top of a three map thriller with Giants

EDG dig deep to take a 2 – 1 win over Giants Gaming in an epic match at Champions LA.

It's EDG and Giants in the second match of Group A here at Champions LA. The Chinese side will be eager to prove that their success at Masters wasn't a one-off event. So make sure that you keep an eye on this page for all of the live scores and updates for this epic clash.

Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
EDward Gaming (EDG)
Giants Gaming (Giants)
Giants 15 - 13
EDG 13 - 11
EDG 13 - 8
(2 - 1)
Live scores for EDG vs Giants Champions LA 2023

Will lightning strike twice for EDG at Champions LA?

EDward Gaming have been the talk of the town following their exploits at Masters Tokyo. The Chinese side has become the flag-bearers for their region and they have certainly answered that calling. They now find themselves back at Champions after coming out on top in the VALORANT China qualifiers for this tournament, with their star man Kangkang (Zmjjkk) continuing to shine for his side. The young duelist has made a name for himself this season as being arguably the best Operator player in the game with some of the crazy shots he manages to pull off with the weapon. EDG will be hoping that he can get off the mark early in this fixture if they are going to have any chance of slaying Giants today.

The Spanish organization have been one of the more consistent teams across the EMEA League season. Though they barely missed out on a place at Masters, they managed to shrug that off and win the EMEA LCQ without dropping a map; including their 3 - 0 grand finals win over fellow Champions contestants NAVI. With three of their players, Fit1nho, Nukkye, and Hoody finished the tournament with the three highest K/Ds. And if their players can continue to turn up in the slaying department as they did in the LCQ, then EDG could have their hands full today.

EDward Gaming are without question the favorites in this match, as well as one of the most likely to make it out of Group A. Especially in light of their performances in China and at Masters. But the question facing this Chinese side today is, can they do it again?

EDward Gaming VALORANT Roster:

EDward Gaming VALORANT Roster Champions LA 2023 (Photo by Lee Aiksoon)
EDward Gaming VALORANT Roster Champions LA 2023 (Photo by Lee Aiksoon)
  • Haodong "Haodong" Guo (IGL)
  • Zheng "ZmjjKK" Yongkang
  • Wan "CHICHOO" Shunzhi
  • Wang "nobody" Senxu
  • Zhang "Smoggy" Zhao

Giants Gaming VALORANT Roster:

Giants Gaming VALORANT Roster Champions LA 2023 (Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games)
Giants Gaming VALORANT Roster Champions LA 2023 (Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games)
  • Emir "Rhyme" Muminovic (IGL)
  • Adolfo "Fit1nho" Gallego
  • Kirill "Cloud" Nehozhin
  • Zygimantas "nukkye" Chmieliauskas
  • Aaro "hoody" Peltokangas

Fit1nho steps up to take down a resilient EDG on Split

The match begins with a stroll over to Giants' map pick of Split. The EMEA side lean into the regions' typical double-initiator setup with Nukkye locking in Cypher. Whereas EDward Gaming go with a double-duelist, double-controller setup.

Giants take the opening pistol round and are gifted their anti-eco by a blunder from Nobody to start their attack half. EDG snatch the bonus away from Giants to get themselves on the board. But the EMEA side hold full control over the map with a 5 - 2 lead as they continue to read into EDG's gameplan. The Chinese side attempt to switch things up on their defense as they start to take much more aggressive positions on the map. But Giants still manage to read and outthink their opponents, aided by some individual brilliance from Fit1nho. And they are rewarded for the efforts with a 9 - 3 lead to take with them into halftime.

The game resumes following a lengthy tech-pause on the side of EDG as Kangkang aces to give his team some life on Split. They also manage to convert in the next three rounds as Kangkang and Haodong begin to run wild on their attack side. With Giants looking a whole lot less confident than they were in the first half. Fit1nho comes up with another great multi-kill off the back of a set-piece to get Giants onto double-digits. But EDG continue to dictate proceedings in this second half with overwhelming force and, sure enough, they manage to reach the 10-point mark as well.

Giants manage to disrupt EDG's momentum enough to put themselves onto map point at 12 - 10. But EDG continue to fight on. And thanks to two moments of heroism from Nobody and Chichoo, they somehow manage to force Split into Overtime.

Split heads into Overtime

Overtime continues in much the same way that regulation play went as Giants manage to push their way back onto map point. But just as it looks like they might finally close it out, Nobody turns up with his cape in hand once more to tie things back up at 13 - 13. Rhyme comes up with a big 3k to put Giants onto map point once more in this second set of overtime rounds. Nobody almost manages to pull off another miracle, but this time Fit1nho steps up to the plate with some heroics of his own. Giving Giants the win on Split 15 - 13 and a hard-earned 1 - 0 lead in the series.

Nobody and Haodong pull EDG over the line on Bind

After barely managing to close things out on Split, Giants head over to EDG's map pick of Bind for the second game of this series. Giants go with a similar double-initiator composition to what they used on Split, with Rhyme switching onto Brimstone for this encounter. EDG on the other hand decide to throw a wrench into the works as Kangkang brings out Chamber to go with their double-controller composition.

Giants take the opening pistol round as well as their anti-eco to get things going on their defensive side. EDG respond well to secure an anti-bonus followed up by an incredible Haodong clutch to keep close to Giants' lead. The match turns into an almighty scrap as both teams struggle to gain a solid advantage over one another. Giants looked for a moment like they might be able to establish a strong enough lead, but Kangkang dials it up with his Op skills as the teams remain locked together at 6 - 6 after the first half.

EDG take the second pistol round followed up by a 4k from Haodong in the anti-eco to give EDG an 8 - 6 lead. Giants get their bonus, but Kangkang continues to be a menace with his Operator. The Chinese side eclipse the double-digit mark with little to trouble them as Giants struggle to put together a solid purchase. A 3k from Nobody puts his side on map point with plenty of wiggly room to play with. Giants hit the 10-point as they mount a desperate attempt to push the game into overtime. But in the end their patient build-up play proved to be their undoing. Leaving EDG to walk away from Bind with a 13 - 11 lead to tie the match at 1 - 1.

Map 3: Ascent

After EDG's superb performance on Bind we now head to Ascent for the third and final map of this series. No craziness comes out in the agent compositions this time around as both sides opt to run the bog-standard double-initiator composition.

Haodong opens things up for EDG on their attack side with a 4k in the opening pistol round. They manage to chain together three more rounds off the back of that to give themselves a 4 - 0 lead. Giants finally get themselves on the board thanks to a heroic 1 v 2 from Nukkye and they look as though things might snowball in their favor. But Nobody steps up for EDG once more to keep his side firmly in the lead. Giants pull off a thrifty to get their third round on the board, but continue to struggle with their defensive setups. Particularly on the B-site where Cloud and Rhyme have been getting bullied by the EDG players. Nevertheless they manage to keep things close as EDG take a 7 - 5 lead into halftime.

Fit1nho cobbles together a 4k to give Giants the second pistol round. They manage to convert on their anti-eco round but concede the bonus which keeps EDG in the lead. The Chinese quickly reach the 10-point mark whilst also putting a significant dent into Giants' economy. A 4k from Chichoo puts EDG onto match point but fit1nho responds with a huge clutch in an effort to keep his side alive in this game. But that ends up being all she wrote for Giants as EDward Gaming manage to close out Ascent 13 - 7 and cap off an impressive 2 - 1 win in the series.

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