Disguised Toast reveals Game Changers team, includes Kyedae, QuarterJade, Tupperwareplays cover image

Disguised Toast reveals Game Changers team, includes Kyedae, QuarterJade, Tupperwareplays

Disguised Toast has revealed his Game Changers roster, which includes the most popular female VALORANT streamers.

After some speculation and rumors from the VALORANT community, it's now been confirmed that Kyedae Shymko is set to compete in the VCT Game Changers tournament.

Earlier today, streamer Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang announced his DSG Game Changers team, which includes the most popular female VALORANT streamers on Twitch. Here's the official lineup:

  • Kyedae
  • Sydney "Sydeon" Parker
  • Tenzin "TrulyTenzin" Dolkar
  • Jodi "QuarterJade" Lee
  • Lydia "Tupperwareplays" Wilson

Tupperwareplays will be the in-game leader. The talented VALORANT player previously competed on Immortals' all-female team. Kyedae, QuarterJade, Sydeon, and TrulyTenzin are known for grinding VALORANT on Twitch.

A few days ago, the four popular content creators started livestreaming their scrims, which included insight and strategy discussions with a pro VALORANT coach. Fans started wondering if the streamers were considering pro play, but Kyedae remained cryptic at the time.

Now it's official. The popular VALORANT squad is going to compete in the Game Changers Open Qualifiers under Disguised Toast.

Disguised Toast adds Game Changers team to VALORANT roster

The streamer heavy all-female squad isn't the first time Disguised Toast has competed in VALORANT tournaments. At the start of 2023, Disguised Toast introduced a North American team that included veteran IGL Joshua "steel" Nissan. The team is currently competing in the Challengers League.

In March, Disguised Toast hinted that he was thinking of creating a second VALORANT team. The tweet got a lot of attention but Disguised Toast was keeping quiet about who he had in mind after the initial inquiry.

Now the roster has officially been revealed. Some gamers are not too sure that the streamers will be able to compete against pro players, especially after watching them lose almost every scrim on Twitch. But Kyedae and her teammates have been grinding VALORANT for quite some time and are most definitely talented.

The VCT Game Changers Open Qualifier will begin April 4. This is when DSG Game Changers will attempt to prove themselves in their first-ever pro tournament.