How many rounds would you survive on this custom Pearl map?

Custom Call of Duty Zombies maps have been around since the dawn of time - more specifically Call of Duty: World at War. For over a decade, community creators have created custom-modded maps that are playable on the PC. And now, a creator has taken the world of Call of Duty Zombies and added a VALORANT twist to it.

Pearl is given a makeover as a Call of Duty Zombies map

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VALORANT player and creator posted on Twitter yesterday four images of a project that they are currently working on. This project is to make a VALORANT Zombies map using the map Pearl. As we can see from the images, the map has a much darker tone in the normal spawn area, with the grass being much longer as well as the added storm effect to give the map a "zombies" tone.

Famous CoD Zombies perks such as Quick Revive and Juggernog can be seen placed in different locations on the map. Quick Revive is located in the normal VALORANT spawn area for attackers, while Juggernog is located at what looks to be an abandoned Perola Cafe located near B.

The map was created using Unreal Engine, a game development engine that has been featured in many popular titles. The map was then exported using Uiana, an unreal engine plug-in created for developing VALORANT content. This development plug-in was created by Twitter user InZainFPS and has allowed Feta to create a VALORANT map for Call of Duty Zombies.

Will Pearl be a playable map in Call of Duty Zombies?

Unfortunately for fans hoping to jump into this epic recreation of Pearl, at the moment it is unlikely. In a reply on Twitter, Feta said it is unlikely going to be an executable version over fears of running into legal action with both Activision and Riot Games.

At the time of writing this article, the map is still in production and Feta is yet to release any gameplay footage of the map. Although, Feta did say they have gameplay footage available. Sadly this is likely as far as it goes to seeing a VALORANT map in the world of Call of Duty Zombies.

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