Following a victory over NAVI, we asked crashies and FNS of NRG to give insight into a perfectly executed play from Ascent.

NRG came out swinging against NAVI in their first series of VCT Masters Tokyo. Map one was Ascent and saw the Americas team take an early lead over the EMEA team. One play stood out to us as much more thought out than any other. So, we asked Austin "crashies" Roberts and Pujan "FNS" Mehta about it.

Crashies and FNS reveal Ascent play against NAVI is a practiced strategy for NRG

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

The play itself happened on Round 8 of Ascent. It was a crashies execution, with the call coming from FNS, and support from the rest of the team. As Sova, he sent a recon dart to Mid Link. This was followed by Victor "Victor" Wong's KAY/O flash.

The dart revealed an enemy, so he mowed him down through the wall with an Odin. Soon after, he flew up with his Owl Drone, tagged another, and picked him off with his Hunter's Fury Ultimate. During the post-match press conference, we asked crashies and FNS about the play's set up and execution.

Crashies: "It's just one of the many strats that we have. We're comfortable running it. FNS called it at the time, and I think I called it as well. He just agreed. Yeah, we're super comfortable running strats like that. We're well practiced with it. We know when to call strats like that and I'm glad it worked out."

FNS: "Yeah, what he said. I don't have much to add on that. It's just a set play that we have. It seems to work every now and then, especially when you're able to catch the guy off guard. We don't normally get that much success from it, all the time. But when it does work, it looks good."

It isn't necessarily a play you'll find in a highlight reel, but it absolutely should be. Perfect executions like this one are much less touted than the likes of an Ace or Clutch. And the fact that it is simply a part of the NRG playbook makes it all the more impressive.

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