Clove bug paused Agent’s potential debut, but is now eligible starting VCT 2024 Week 3 [UPDATED] cover image

Clove bug paused Agent’s potential debut, but is now eligible starting VCT 2024 Week 3 [UPDATED]

Riot Games has announced that Clove can not yet enter VCT play due to an undisclosed bug they have discovered.

UPDATE: Per the official VALORANT Esports X account, Clove is eligible for Week 3 action for all VCT International Leagues. Let's see if any teams bring the immortal Scot to the party.

Clove joined the VALORANT roster as a new and exciting Controller Agent. And of course, a bug was discovered which now prevents Clove from being used in the VCT. This announcement comes directly from the VALORANT Esports X account.

A bug with Clove will keep them from making VCT debut in Stage 1 Week 2

(Image via VALORANT Esports/Riot Games)
(Image via VALORANT Esports/Riot Games)

Clove became a quick fan-favorite during their showcase at Masters Madrid and release shortly after. The Controller can come back to life, pick up the pace and overheal, as well as drop smokes after they've been eliminated.

It is an aggressive player's dream come true. But unfortunately, Riot Games has discovered a Clove bug that will delay their entry into the VCT. Per VALORANT Esports:

"Due to a recently discovered bug with Clove, the Agent's eligibility for International League competition will be put on hold. Previously the Agent was scheduled to enter competition for Week 2 of Stage 1. We are working hard to get them into play as soon as we can and will follow up with an update on when they will be playable."

This Clove bug preventing a VCT debut will certainly upset some fans, and perhaps players. Surely a handful of teams had cooked up strategies that involve the new Controller? Well, they'll have to wait to use them and we'll have to wait to see them in action.

What is the bug?

Riot Games doesn't explicitly state what the bug is, as they probably don't want to bring too much negative attention to their game's newest character. It isn't hard to deduce what the issue is, however, if you've played Clove in VALORANT ranked, a much more chaotic competition than the VCT.

A lot of commenters on the VALORANT Esports announcement have made assumptions, too. The bug in question is more than likely one that sees Clove's weapon disappear when they use their Ultimate ability, Not Dead Yet.

Not Dead Yet brings Clove back to life, with a timer for them to get a kill or damaging assist to stay alive. Some players have noted their weapon not coming back with them, only having their sidearm during the frantic timer. Clearly this Clove bug would not be acceptable in the VCT.

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