During a VCT LOCK//IN post-match press conference, Cloud9 coach mCe had plenty to say regarding Paper Rex following the contest.

The title for the most anticipated match of VCT LOCK//IN's opening rounds belongs to Cloud9 versus Paper Rex. It lived up to the hype in terms of in-game moments, but the overall result was not what people expected. Cloud9 bested Paper Rex in a quick 2:0 fashion.

Following the series, a post-match press conference was held. Cloud9, along with their coach Matthew "mCe" Elmore took to the conference tables to face the press after their victory. It was during that press conference that mCe was asked about preparation for the event, as well as dishing out some revenge for The Guard's loss to Paper Rex while he was coach.

Coach mCe of Cloud9 on his impression of the team after beating Paper Rex with little preparation

The press conference touched on quite a few topics. Members of the team were asked about upcoming nerfs to Agents, how it feels to be in Brazil, and more. Specifically for mCe, he was asked to give his thoughts on his Cloud9 players after pulling out the win over Paper Rex so easily:

"I think it's hard for them coming into it because the Agents we were playing and the different things we were doing, obviously we're gonna change a lot. I feel like there's a lot more tape of them to study even though it's a new meta, new things like that, there's tendencies that can still be followed. And we had a couple of those we were ready for on Pearl.

"Lotus was just going into a blind 50/50 and we've been playing Lotus, you know, I think like only once or twice in scrims, and we've done okay. We haven't played it that much, but we had a good idea on it and it looked like our ideas were way more fleshed out than what theirs were. But I think it's good for us because we are coming into this as a new team.

(Image via Esports.gg)
(Image via Esports.gg)

"We haven't got a ton of practice on a lot of things because it's been weird switching back and forth. We had a bunch of comps that didn't work, so we had to start over. We're a little rusty and rough on a lot of ideas, but we're starting to get in a rhythm with a lot of stuff. We've been playing really well.

"And shout out to all the different Brazilian teams and South American teams that have given us good practice and helped us work on things. So, I'm excited for us to keep playing, but we definitely need to get better than what we were and be a little bit tighter on stuff to keep winning and moving forward."

Cloud9's coach has some choice words for Paper Rex following the series

After answering the previous question, it was a standard press conference. Until things got a little bit tense when mCe was asked about Masters Reykjavik 2022. He was coaching The Guard at the time and the team was eliminated from the tournament by Paper Rex.

Essentially, the question asked how it felt to get revenge for that loss. He let it all out regarding his previous opponents at this point:

"Oh, there were a lot of words that I wanted to say because those guys were not very gracious winners behind the cameras after we got knocked out. I took the higher road on that and didn't say what I wanted to say when I was fist-bumping and up there with them.

"So, it felt really good because that's what should have happened the first time if my last team had a little bit more experience. But you know, first LAN, can't blame them at all, we tried. And man, it feels good to send those f***s home."

He wasn't shy about his excitement for beating Paper Rex, but did he swear or say "folks?" The debate is on and you can watch the press conference for yourself and decide.

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