Cloud9 White secures third VCT Game Changers Championship cover image

Cloud9 White secures third VCT Game Changers Championship

Cloud9 White only dropped two maps across the three VCT Game Changers tournaments, all of them to Shopify Rebellion.

We are running out of superlatives to give this Cloud9 White roster, they are simply incredible. Cloud9 White is undisputedly the best female team in North America after taking down Shopify Rebellion 3-1 in the VCT Game Changers 3 grand-final.

This was the first time C9 bled this tournament, marking one of two maps they have dropped across all three tournaments. This is significant to the legacy of this roster. A roster that needs to be tested on the international stage. With this victory, Cloud9 White has bagged $50,000, eclipsing the earnings of Cloud9 Blue. Here is how they did it:

Shopify came out swinging in game one

This was the first time C9 had looked mortal with Shopify coming out of the gates hot. Icebox was the first map and Shopify was well prepared. Shopify exploited C9's "weaknesses" on defense, with only a 54% win rate compared to their other maps. Shopify Rebellion raced out to a 5-1 lead with Cloud9 visibly stunned by the pace of the game.

While Cloud9 was able to pull back a couple of rounds, they were left with everything to do. With an 8-4 lead, it should have been Shopify's map to win. However, Cloud9 rolled up and their sleeves and put on a clinic, winning 9-2 on their attacking half.

Business as usual for Cloud9 White on Ascent

The second map in the rotation was Ascent, again a map that C9 hardly played in this tournament. Although Shopify was able to pick up the opening two rounds, that was the only positive from the first half. Cloud9 White turned up the heat and obliterated them, winning the next ten rounds.

To Shopify's credit, they did not roll over to the Valorant giant. The roles would reverse as Shopify would go on to win six of the first seven rounds. Sadly they had left themselves with too much to do as Cloud9 White took home map two.

A dent to the armor on Haven

Both teams thus far have battled tooth and nail for the championship and with C9 only needing a win, the pressure was on Shopify to deliver. They did just that, clutching out a nail-biting 24 round map to bring the series to 2-1. Here is how they did it.

Cloud9 was on their most-played map of the tournament and was extremely confident of sweeping this series. The first half was dominated by Cloud9 White, closing out the half with an 8-4 lead moving onto defense. This is where Cloud9 White faced a tough test, the NA #1 team was pushed to the brink by Shopify. In the end, it was Shopify who would come out on top in this one, winning the second half 9-4.

Cloud9 White secure the three-peat on Bind

Cloud9 White showed their dominance in the fourth and final game of this best-of-five. While Haven was not a success for them, they were able to pick up the win on their second most-played map in Bind. C9 White started off the first half on defence and was able to put down a marker from the get-go. Cloud9 won the first half 8-4 and were the favorites to win Game Changers. The second half was a very short one as C9 White won 6-2 to win their third straight VCT Game Changers title.

Dropping only two maps across the entirety of three tournaments is a terrifying thought for any upcoming female roster. Cloud9 White has set the bar astronomically high and it will take a great roster to knock them off their perch.

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