Cloud9 takes on a newly refurbished Sentinels squad in another gargantuan week 5 matchup here in VCT Americas.

We have another huge matchup on our hands in Week 5 of VCT Americas in the form of Cloud9 vs Sentinels. This is a match you will most certainly want to keep your eyes on. So make sure you keep an eye on this page as we bring you all of the action as it happens.

Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Cloud9 (C9)SentinelsC9 13 - 4
C9 13 - 6
C9 (2 - 0)
Final Scores for Cloud9 vs Sentinels VCT Americas 2023

Can resurgent Sentinels knock Cloud9 off of their perch?

Cloud9 look like they are on top of the world with how well they have been playing thus far in the Americas League. The team currently sits at Second in the standings and have shown little signs of stopping. As was evident in their 2 - 0 win over FURIA the last time they took to the stage in LA. Their main duelist Leaf having a particularly impressive season thus far as he boasts the second-highest ACS in the league at 250.5 across 4 weeks of play. Cloud9 will need him to be at his best today, alongside the ever impressive duo of Jakee and Runi as they prepare to face off against a rather resurgent Sentinels squad.

Sentinels have been a bit of an enigma thus far in the season to say the least. At times they have looked like a well-put-together squad and at other times a work in progress. The latest chapter in the Sentinels saga is TenZ's move to the bench in place of Marved for the remainder of League Play. A move that appears to have enhanced this squad to no end. Especially for their main initiator Sacy who looks to have rediscovered his form from last season.

With a full week's practice together under their belt, many of their fans will be hoping that this is the start of something special for Sentinels as they attempt to keep themselves in contention for a playoff spot. But as they get ready to face off against this explosive C9 squad, those same fans will also be wondering which Sentinels team, performance-wise, we will be seeing today.

Cloud9 VALORANT Roster:

Cloud9 VALORANT Roster VCT Americas 2023 (Photo by Colin Young-Wolf/Riot Games)
Cloud9 VALORANT Roster VCT Americas 2023 (Photo by Colin Young-Wolf/Riot Games)
  • Dylan "Runi" Cade (IGL)
  • Erick "Xeppaa" Bach
  • Nathan "leaf" Orf
  • Jordan "Zellsis" Montmurro
  • Jake "jakee" Anderson
  • Mateja "qpert" Mijovic

Sentinels VALORANT Roster:

Sentinels VALORANT Roster VCT Americas 2023 (Photo by Colin Young-Wolf/Riot Games)
Sentinels VALORANT Roster VCT Americas 2023 (Photo by Colin Young-Wolf/Riot Games)
  • Rory "Dephh" Jackson
  • Bryan "pANcada" Luna
  • Gustavo "Sacy" Rossi
  • Zachary "Zekken" Patrone
  • Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen
  • Tyson "TenZ" Ngo

Cloud9 decimates Sentinels on Lotus

Sentinels brought us to Lotus for the first map of this series. And while both teams opted to use the tried and true double controller composition, Cloud9 decided to add a bit of spice to the mix in the form of Leaf's Neon.

Sentinels take the opening pistol round and go for a very aggressive purchase in their anti-eco and bonus rounds in an effort to establish some early dominance on the map at 3 - 0. Cloud9 pull off an early Thrifty round to put themselves on the board. And they begin to chain a couple more rounds together thanks to some exceptional mid-rounding to tie the map at 3 - 3. Sentinels' try to regain their control over the map following a brief timeout. But it is Cloud9 who end up benefitting the most from the pause as they continue to suffocate Sentinels' attack side with their play calling. Leaf and Jakee were proving to be a waking nightmare for Sentinels as the pair put up 29 kills combined in the first half. And their efforts

Cloud9 secures the second pistol round of the map as well as the anti-eco as their lead grows to 11 - 3. Sentinels manage to get their fourth round on the board, but they still find themselves staring up Everest in their quest to bring things back on their map pick. A quest that would ultimately go unfinished as Cloud9 were left to race away with the victory 13 - 4 and carve out a dominant 1 - 0 lead in the series.

Cloud9 outclasses Sentinels on Fracture

After their utterly dominant performance on Lotus, Cloud9 bring us to Fracture for the second map of the series. And while both teams opt to use a double initiator setup, Cloud9 opt to have Leaf on Skye whereas Sacy goes with Fade.

Cloud9 took the opening pistol round in flawless fashion to continue where they left off from Map 1. The boys in blue proceeded to put on a post-plant retake masterclass against Sentinels. Causing Sentinels to burn both of their timeouts in the first half. But they did little to halt C9's momentum as they managed to hit the double digit mark at 10 - 0. Sentinels did manage to finally get themselves on the board. But, it was ultimately just a blotch on an otherwise flawless defensive half from Cloud9 who had carved out a jaw-dropping 11 - 1 lead.

Sentinels were able to take the first couple of rounds in the second half as they looked to claw themselves back into the match. Which prompted C9 to use their first timeout of the match. But this time, it was Sentinels who took full advantage of the pause as they managed to halve the lead to 11 - 6; thanks in part to a huge defuse clutch from Marved. But Cloud9 were able to take yet another eco-round in this series to put themselves on match point. Sentinels had performed a little bit better in the second half, and certainly made a valiant attempt at a comeback. But when all was said and done they had truly been outclassed. Leaving Cloud9 to take Fracture 13 - 6, and the series 2 - 0.

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