Cloud9 Blue now face XSET in an elimination game in the VALORANT Last Chance Qualifiers. C9 Blue’s Leaf is expecting a three game series and praised XSET’s roster for being “very mechanically skilled”.

Throughout the entirety of VALORANT NA Last Chance Qualifiers, every team has been giving their all. Cloud9 Blue is no exception, with Nathan “leaf” Orf coming through with his incredibly aggressive Jett plays.

After winning against GenG and sending them home, we sat down with leaf to discuss GenG’s unpredictability, that round of Judge Gaming™ on Ascent, and his thoughts on new VALORANT agent Chamber.

Brittany Briggsycakes” Gonzalez, Congratulations on your win! That was insane to watch. How did you feel about your match against GenG; they seemed pretty all over the place.

Nathan “leaf” Orf, Cloud9 Blue: I think Split was like pretty much a hand toss from us. Obviously, Ascent wasn’t really competitive, but I think we should have easily won Split. [GENG] play very weird. They just have really hit or miss players. They’re really inconsistent. No offense to Temperature, but he was 3-13 on Ascent, and then he was practically aimbotting on Split. But that’s just how it goes sometimes.

I was terrible on Split too. I was messing up and it was pretty bad. But GENG just plays weird. Nobody really plays the comp they did on Split; usually everybody has a Raze as solo duelist or Jett as solo duelist and they didn’t do that. But they just played good on Split. We were prepared for them, but they just won some individual rounds that I think won them the game.

Cloud9 Blue screenshot in-game wielding the Judge
Moments before disaster.

Briggsy: I really gotta comment on the Judge Gaming™ that was happening on the first map. During the last round on Ascent, you and Vanity just went off. Was this planned or just a gimmick after such a dominating map?

Nathan “leaf” Orf, Cloud9 Blue: It wasn’t a team strategy, we just kind of all bought it ourselves. It was more that I was gonna buy one because if [GENG] came to A or did anything towards A, I’m gonna kill probably two or three, you know? Since Vanity was at B, if they decide to come to B, either way, GEN.G has to move fast. Which is exactly what they did. They randomly rushed through mid as a unit and we just kind of knew that it would work individually.

Briggsy: I just want to know your thoughts on the new VALORANT agent Chamber. Is he intriguing to you?

Nathan “leaf” Orf, Cloud9 Blue: Unless there’s something about him that’s insane, like Rendezvous, I don’t think he’ll be used that much. I think a lot of the other Sentinels do their job much more efficiently. And I don’t know what you’d sacrifice for that character, to be honest.

I do think he’ll be interesting in ranked. I’m pretty sure the Headhunter ability will probably be the best ability that he has in terms of impact, yet even then he won’t be consistent with it. On pistol round, it’ll be pretty cool to see. But other than that, it’s ehhhh. (What about the Sniper Rifle ultimate?) I’d have to play him and play against him. But just from first view, it doesn’t seem like he’s that good.

Riot on new VALORANT agent Chamber: 'We started by thinking about different  ways to approach the Sentinel role' - Dot Esports
Image via Riot Games

Briggsy: Looking ahead, what are your thoughts on XSET? Do you have any insight as to how you can approach them or what you’re looking forward to?

leaf: XSET is very mechanically skilled. All their players are pretty decent and can have really good days. They are actual specialists with their guns. [Rory dephh Jackson] is insane with the fucking Marshal and Ayrin is just insane with Classic and Spectre. So even like on eco rounds and stuff, these guys are just insane. I remember Dephh against LG, I think at LAN, when they won like an eco round by like a collat Classic and stuff like that.

Briggsy: I remember screaming, watching that.

leaf: I think either way, it’ll be a three map series to be honest.

Briggsy: Is there anything you want to say out there to you know, fans, your teammates, anybody who’s going to read this as you face XSET today?

leaf: Hopefully, we can win LUL.

Briggsy: You know, that’s perfect. Thank you so much, leaf. I really appreciate the time.

Leaf: No problem! Thank you.


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