It costs 3,280 VP in China, but making a Chinese VALORANT ID won’t work. Here’s all we know about the knife including the different level animations that make it so popular.

VALORANT was released in China on July 12 bringing Riot’s FPS to the Chinese mainland. As part of its launch, the game has a China Exclusive Kitana  VALORANT knife that will be available to Chinese players. The international VALORANT community, however, can’t stop raving about the new cosmetic with pro players even tweeting they’d do anything to get their hands on this knife. We have collected all information we know about this knife and also whether and how players from outside China can add this to their inventory.

Update: July 12, 2023:
VALORANT has confirmed the Ignite Melee will be available across all servers.

How much does the China VALORANT knife cost?

The China Exclusive Kitana VALORANT Knife costs 3,280 VP. While the price does not deviate much from other knife prices, the cosmetic is obviously a big draw for new players as well as existing players who want to spend money on the game. 

There are two levels to the knife. While the base level of the knife seems to be in line with several other cosmetics in-game, the Kitana knife really shines when it reaches Level 2.

How to Get the China VALORANT Kitana Knife

At the moment of writing, VLAORANT players outside of China cannot get their hands on this knife. 

However, there are reports of the cosmetic being made available worldwide on all servers soon.

The Ignite Melee assets have reportedly been found in-game and should go live on all servers before the next patch. It might be in the store or it might be a VALORANT Night Market exclusive, but players from other countries and servers should soon have an opportunity to get their hands on this not-so-exclusive knife.

Does Transferring your VALORANT account to China region work?

Some of us might think we are too smart and can easily get this knife. Transferring the account to China just to get this knife will not work. 

In order to play VALORANT in China, you need to register a completely new account. The registration process will also require you to fill your Chinese ID Details. Needless to say, if you are not a Chinese citizen, you will not have a Chinese ID and cannot create a new VALORANT account with the region as China.

For now, we advise you to wait for future VALORANT updates that might include the China Kitana VALORANT knife.

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