A must watch for all VALORANT fans.

Today saw the release of a new documentary from VALORANT VCT on the topic of Gamers Changers. The documentary aptly called ‘Changing the Game’ is a look back on the 2022 VCT Game Changers season and the best of women’s VALORANT.

Changing the Game VCT Documentary 2022 - (Image via VCT Youtube Channel)
Changing the Game VCT Documentary 2022 - (Image via VCT Youtube Channel)

What's in the documentary?

Essentially the Changing the Game VCT 2022 documentary follows teams across Game Changers. In their journey to reach the top of the leaderboard and affirm themselves as the best team in women’s VALORANT in the world.

Changing the Game emphasizes how this is not just about being the best women's team but about being so good that they can ‘reach masters with the other best players in the world’ which is a male-dominated segment.

We want to be at Champs, we want to be at Masters, we want to be comepteing at these insane tournaments among the best players in the world not just the best Game Changers

- Cloud9 White Mel

The documentary shows some of the most important and tense matches, including G2 Gozen vs Cloud9 White (G2 Win) and X10 Sapphire vs KRÜ Esports (X10 win). As well as making sure to give perspectives from the players at various points through the documentary.

I wasn't really financially stable until I transitioned to VALORANT as a proffesional

- Cloud9 White Mel

Who is featured in the documentary?

Game Changers 2022 - Image via VCT
Game Changers 2022 - Image via VCT

Teams featured in the documentary include:

  • G2 Gozen
  • Cloud9 White
  • Team Liquid
  • X10 Sapphire
  • KRÜ Esports
  • Shopify Rebellion
  • Guild

What matters is winning as a team

- G2 Gozen Mimi

Part of the documentary features explaining how, ahead of the first-ever international Game Changers LAN in Berlin 2022, Cloud9 White were expected to win.

Cloud9 are the team to beat

- VCT Game Changers

This is because Cloud9 White had won every NA Game Changers tournament coming into Game Changers Champs. But they had only been competing against NA teams, Champs set them up to be compared to other teams to decide the best in the world. The documentary gives each team time to speak about VALORANT and Game Changers. Some of the players who explain what this means to them, are G2 Mimi, Cloud9 Mel and Team Liquid Daiki.

G2 Gozen Mary - Image via VCT
G2 Gozen Mary - Image via VCT

Why should I watch the documentary?

The VALORANT Champions Tour documentary went live on March 20 at 8 AM PT on YouTube for fans across the world to watch. It's a must-watch for VALORANT fans. Especially for those who are fans of Game Changers and want an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes.

G2 Gozen Mimi - Image via VCT
G2 Gozen Mimi - Image via VCT

It is an all-access pass at what happens for the players, their thought processes, and what this means to them. This isn’t just about being the best women's team. This is about being able to show why women can compete with men in VALORANT. The goal is co-ed. This is a must-watch.

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