Carpe’s ace fails to help T1 secure Playoffs berth cover image

Carpe’s ace fails to help T1 secure Playoffs berth

FUT defeat T1 to advance to the VCT Champs Playoffs.

The decider match between T1 esports and FUT esports in Group B at the VCT Champs 2023 turned out to be a very exciting affair. It was an elimination match, which also meant the winner would advance to the playoffs. Despite some really heroic attempts by T1 esports, they turned up short and FUT advanced to the playoffs. 

After going 1-1 post two matches in Group B at VCT Champs, T1 esports and FUT faced each other in the Decider series. The winner of the match would advance to the playoffs while the loser would be eliminated. 

FUT’s dominance on Bind kicks off the series

Image Credit: Riot Games
Image Credit: Riot Games

T1 esports has a star-studded roster with several of the players being prominent in other games as well as VALORANT. However, the team has been largely unable to replicate the same tier of success in VALORANT.

With a series of aggressive maneuvers and movements, FUT was undoubtedly the dominant side on Bnid. The EMEA team’s set plays were often quite difficult for T1 to handle. Marching off to a 10-2 lead was nearly an insurmountable task for T1 esports, despite their best attempts.

The first half of Bind looked as a FUT show and T1 were pretty much absent from the map. To their credit, they drastically stepped up their game in the second half on their defense. Unfortunately, it came down to which team can reach 13 faster and this time it was FUT based on their dominant first-half score.

Carpe’s Ace: The highlight on Pearl

Continuing off their second-half momentum, T1 seemed to find their groove on Pearl. It was a much closer map and despite FUT still managing to string together multiple rounds on their offense, T1 also clawed quite a few back.

The first half ending with a 7-5 score in favor of FUT was still a difficult task as T1 was already a map behind.

The highlight of the map was Carpe’s Ace, where fans got to witness the player’s individual brilliance and aim. 

In the 21st round, as FUT were leading 11-9, it came down to a 2v5 situation for T1. The dire nature of the round meant that T1 had to win this round or they would be heading into what could be potentially the final round of their VCT Champs journey. 

Carpe got two kills to enter the bombsite, however, little did he know that there were others on the site. As FUT started playing defensively, in a bid to wait for help from their colleagues, Carpe and Munchkin charged on to the bomb site.

An attempt by Munchkin to secure a kill failed, but it set up Carpe to get this fourth kill of the round. It came down to a 1v1 situation and Carpe played it text-book perfect to help T1 win its 10th round on the map. Carpe's Ace was instrumental in T1 surviving for a few more rounds on Bind.

Carpe ended Bind with 17 kills, three short of Sayaplayer who sat at 20. However, with FUT's MrFalleN towering over the server with 28 kills, it was not an easy task for the Asian players.

Despite their valiant efforts, T1 still lost the map in Overtime. Down 1-2 in the table, they can only watch the remainder of the matches from the audience. FUT move on to the playoffs, where they will have to compete against teams from other groups as well.

The VCT Champs 2023 is currently underway in Los Angeles. With a million-dollar prize pool, the tournament features the best teams from all over the world. The event is the final official VCT event this year and Riot has already announced more than 40 OFF//SEASON events for the rest of the year. 

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