The bracket for the VCT Berlin Masters has been revealed, with NA all on one side of the bracket.

Update 9/18 1:23 PM: Here is the live bracket for VCT Masters Berlin, after Gambit wins a decisive victory over G2 Esports, with a perfect map 2 on Icebox 13-0. They now advance to the Grand Finals tomorrow, where the winner of Team Envy, who shut down 100 Thieves 2-0, will await them.

According to multiple reports, including Upcomer's George Geddes, the bracket for the Valorant Championship Tour Masters Berlin playoff stage has been revealed.

As expected, the first round will indeed include a North American grudge match as Sentinels take on Envy just as they wanted. Vision Strikers will take on Gambit. 100 Thieves are set to play against Acend. And G2 Esports, taking home the number one seed in group D in a surprise upset, are set to take on KRU Esports. In fact, due to the placement of the teams from NA, all three NA teams are on one side of the bracket. This means that not only will the best region in the world be forced to eliminate themselves from contention, if they succeed, it virtually guarantees one NA team in the Grand Finals.

  • Acend vs. 100T
  • Envy vs. Sentinels
  • G2 vs. KRU Esports
  • Vision Strikers vs. Gambit [Gambit wins 2-1]

Of course, the last few matches remain to be played tomorrow to decide the final participants in the playoffs. These playoffs have massive implications on not just this event, but the tour as a whole as many teams vie to secure their position at Champions this December, and avoid having to play in Last Chance Qualifiers.

This means that there cannot be a NA final, there could be an EMEA final if massive upsets ensue, and G2 Esports end up with the "easier" road to the finals. will continue to bring you the latest from Berlin through breaking news, interviews, and recaps as we draw closer to the finals on Sunday.