Evil Geniuses’ Boostio spoke with esports.gg following his team’s loss to NRG in their final regular season match of VCT Americas.

Evil Geniuses has had one of the most interesting years in the VALORANT Champions Tour thus far. They went from a team that no one really believed in to being on the cusp of a playoff birth. The chance at the playoffs is out of their hands now, though, and Kelden "Boostio" Pupello obviously isn't too excited about that.

The final match for EG of the regular season saw them fall 2:0 to NRG. After the series, esports.gg spoke with Boostio about the match itself, how he feels he performed throughout the league, and the support he's gotten as a pro player.

Boostio expresses his feelings about loss versus NRG and needing an MIBR victory to make playoffs

(Photo by Robert Paul/Riot Games)
(Photo by Robert Paul/Riot Games)

"First, I'd like to touch on a comment you made. A short clip was shown on the broadcast where you stated this version of NRG looks weaker than the previous times you've faced them. What about them feels weaker?"

Boostio: "Yay was playing at an unbelievable level. And ardiis has been playing at a mediocre, decent level throughout VCT. Marved, I think is one of the best players in the world still, on the smokes role at least. And they lost him as well. So, I think overall the team just seems weaker, but I mean, they're the best, or one of the best NA teams right now."

"They showed their strengths here. There were sparks throughout the series from Evil Geniuses. Unfortunately, it didn't create the fire needed for a victory. What's your immediate reaction to the outcome?"

Boostio: "Yeah, it definitely sucks. There's a chance we make playoffs still, but it's an unlikely chance, so that also really sucks. Not feeling too good right now."

{Photo by Robert Paul/Riot Games)
{Photo by Robert Paul/Riot Games)

"Well, let's talk about the series itself. Your team started Bind with a lot of momentum. Then the second half saw only one round go your way as NRG pushed back. Who would you say from NRG gave you the most trouble on that map?"

Boostio: "I don't know if I can specifically say one person, but I think crashies. He's really, really good at Skye on that map. He's just a good player in general, but he really can control his places of the map where we just don't have info, because he is just annoying. And he just doesn't die, while giving his team info. So, probably him, but I think they were just playing better as a team. Our attack side was really weak that map. Not much we could get going."

"And on Split, we saw a lot of middle map aggression from both teams on both sides of the Spike. Also, a lot of late executes. Again, NRG takes the map and that leads to a series victory. So in hindsight, what did you see from your team on map two that allowed NRG to overwhelm you?"

Boostio: "I think our communication wasn't what it has been the last three weeks and I emphasize a lot on communication. Like, someone will call somebody and someone would over-comm on accident. Then it would just be very hectic. Which the last three weeks, we've been very good at not being very hectic, but this week was not very good."

(Photo by Robert Paul/Riot Games)
(Photo by Robert Paul/Riot Games)

"Overall, it's been a rollercoaster year for EG. You've gone up against nine tough opponents here in VCT Americas. As you look back on it, how do you feel about your personal performance? From your in-game play to your calling, whatever impact you had."

Boostio: "Yeah, I think overall, I'm very happy with myself this split. I think I've improved. I think our team is playing well. Maybe not every series, but we're playing well. I think I did my job. So, I'm feeling very confident with myself and how I played this season."

"Okay, with this being your last regular season game, your fate is out of your hands. You mentioned that just a bit ago. 100 Thieves versus MIBR will determine whether or not you make the playoffs. I assume you and the team will be paying attention to the results pretty closely. Never being in this position, I wouldn't know how it feels. So tell me, how do you feel knowing your chance at playoffs are not up to you anymore?"

Boostio: "Yeah, it definitely sucks. We definitely wanted to come in and get the win against NRG so we don't have to feel like this. I mean, all you can do is just pray and just hope to God that MIBR pulls out a miracle run. Just somehow end up being beating 100 Thieves. But yeah, it's definitely not feeling very good right now."

(Photo by Robert Paul/Riot Games)
(Photo by Robert Paul/Riot Games)

"And lastly, despite the outcome of EG's first VCT Americas season, you guys have a ton of support. From parents, to each other, to coach Potter. Has that amount of support given you purpose throughout the league? What does that do to the spirits of a team, during the good times and the bad?"

Boostio: "Yeah, on the parent side, my mom and my dad kind of raised me playing video games, especially my dad. I hear horror stories of these kids, that their parents will only let them play like 30 minutes and then you have to go do homework, which I mean, that might be normal, but if you want to be a pro, you kind of have to be raised differently or be very special individually somehow.

"But I've been raised since I was five years old, every time I wake up, I'd get on my computer. And I would be playing Counter-Strike ,back when I was like five or six, or Quake. Granted, I did have to get decent grades in school, nothing crazy, to be honest. As long as I was passing, it was good.

"I had to play sports in high school and middle school, but besides that. If I was not late to school or anything like that, I could stay up until whatever time, no matter what. So, having supportive parents like that I think is a very big deal for anyone wanting to go pro. And it sucks that it's kind of just a dice roll in who you get as parents, but I was very blessed to have my two parents."

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