Bob breaks down barriers as first female player to make VALORANT Challengers NA cover image

Bob breaks down barriers as first female player to make VALORANT Challengers NA

Bob has made a statement, and history, in VALORANT by becoming the first female player to qualify into Challengers NA.

Bob "Bob" Tran has made history in VALORANT Challengers NA. The inactive XSET player has made a run through the first open qualifier with SaD Esports, and is the first female player, Game Changers player, and overall first team of the year to qualify for the 2024 Challengers circuit.

Former Cloud9 White player, Bob, and SaD Esports qualify for VALORANT Challengers NA

Bob has been a competitive VALORANT player since the game's very early days. Since then, she has been a part of Soniqs, Cloud9 White, and XSET. With C9 White, she helped them to multiple NA Series victories and a fourth place finish at the first Game Changers Championship.

(Image via Knights Arena)
(Image via Knights Arena)

Now, she finds herself on SaD Esports with a chance at making the main VALORANT Champions Tour. That comes after making it through a massive open qualifier, where SaD only dropped one map. Truly, this is the history Riot Games has hoped for with GC players making it into Challengers and beyond.

SaD Esports' path to Challengers NA

Bob and company started their VALORANT Challengers NA journey in the Round of 128 like everyone else. And from there, they set the standard for this year's open qualifier. Here's a look at each series and the scores:

Map Count
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
SaD Esports vs. Comet Esports Club
Lotus 13:4
Breeze 13:3
SaD Esports vs. the process
Ascent 13:4
Breeze 9:13
Icebox 13:2
SaD Esports vs. Cookin Papas
Split 13:0
Ascent 13:1
SaD Esports vs. QoR
Bind 13:4
Split 13:10
SaD Esports vs. Burgerville
Ascent 13:9
Lotus 13:11
SaD Esports vs. Winthrop University
Breeze 13:5
Split 15:13

SaD Esports joins the likes of M80, Oxygen Esports, MxS, and Turtle Troop in VALORANT Challengers NA 2023. Congratulations to Bob for making history, and good luck to her and the team as they look to make Ascension and potentially VCT Americas.

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