Boaster doesn’t think Sentinels were overhyped heading into their match at VCT LOCK//IN cover image

Boaster doesn’t think Sentinels were overhyped heading into their match at VCT LOCK//IN

FNATIC Boaster gave the benefit of the doubt to Sentinels’ lack of experience as a full team after their series at VCT LOCK//IN.

The matchup between Sentinels and FNATIC was on everyone's radar. It was meant to be the Americas League super team taking on the EMEA League super team, but the result only pushed that narrative towards the latter. FNATIC player Jake "Boaster" Howlett feels the victory at VCT LOCK//IN was due to their core roster simply being stronger.

That may be the case, as Sentinels only retained one player from prior to their partnership inclusion. FNATIC has three and a coach. It was clear the hometown buff was not in effect for Sentinels' two world championship players from Brazil.

FNATIC's Boaster believes Sentinels will get better over time after defeating them at VCT LOCK//IN

(Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games)
(Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games)

As each team has done during the tournament, FNATIC took to a post-match press conference following the series with Sentinels. Right off the bat, asked Boaster about the quick victory at VCT LOCK//IN and if the Americas team seemed overhyped coming into the contest:

"No, I don't think they were. They're a good team. I honestly think our team dynamic, and what we've formed as the core as well, is going to be a lot stronger. We've kept, obviously, two of the biggest star players in their roles. And we picked up two more as the stars of their roles in EMEA.

"It was quite easy incorporating them because everyone speaks English and I think maybe Sentinels struggled with pANcada. I do remember at Champions, I did a jersey swap with him. I was trying to talk to him and he did have a translator with him.

"I think they're going to be a slow burner team and get better and better over time. Dephh and Syyko, and obviously they've got Kaplan. They've got a good system, it's just time."

Sentinels won't have a chance to prove Boaster right until well after VCT LOCK//IN. The single elimination format means they're out of the tournament and will have to wait to jump back into an official match until Americas League play begins.

In the meantime, FNATIC continues in Brazil and you can hear just how excited their mascot Cow Paulo is. He was brought on stage as a placeholder for Leo "Leo" Jannesson, who played from a quarantine room after testing positive for COVID-19.

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