Bleed Esports completes VALORANT roster with two new signings cover image

Bleed Esports completes VALORANT roster with two new signings

Bleed wears a new look with Zest and Retla

Right after announcing two exits from their Valorant roster, Bleed esports has now signed Kim "Zest" Gi-seok and Jorell "Retla" Teo. The two new additions complete the org’s VALORANT roster as they prepare for the next stage in their VCT Esports journey. 

Their addition signals a new era for our team, one filled with fresh opportunities and renewed determination.

Bleed esports

Zest joins Bleed esports

Image Credit: Bleed esports
Image Credit: Bleed esports

The biggest signing for Bleed esports is Zest joining the Southeast Asian Valorant roster. The former DRX player will be a valuable addition to the Bleed esports roster. He brings with him immense firepower and the experience of playing on a strategy-oriented team such as DRX. 

For Bleed Esports, they needed a mix of firepower and structure, both of which they can find in 23-year-old Zest. 

As part of DRX, Zest and his team created history with a 108 match win-streak without a single loss. When they moved on to international competitions, the team was one of the most feared partly due to their strong control over their strategies. That being said, DRX did not reach the same levels of success in international events as they did in Korea. More recently, Zest qualified for VCT Korea with an IAM an orgless stack.

Bleed sign Retla

Image Credit: Bleed esports
Image Credit: Bleed esports

Joining Bleed Esports along with Zest is Retla - a Singaporean player who has plied his trade for Paper Rex in the past. He has been on and off on Bleed Esports since then, but bringing him back on the active roster is a vote of confidence in his ability to play at the highest level. 

Earlier Bleed Esports parted ways with two players from the roster - Crazyguy and EgoistVAL. Shortly after the announcement, Egoist announced he was retiring from competitive VALORANT to focus on his university studies. 

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