Asuna Breaks VCT Kill Record and Carries 100 Thieves past Version 1 cover image

Asuna Breaks VCT Kill Record and Carries 100 Thieves past Version 1

The 17-year-old Valorant superstar put on a show during yesterday’s match with 59 kills on the two maps played. His performance on Icebox specifically was the highest kill count in VCT history.

100 Thieves’ Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk broke the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) record for most kills in a single map on Thursday, dropping 48 kills against Version 1 on Icebox.

Asuna dominated the first match playing Reyna, ending with a KDA of 48/24/6 and a combat score of 387. By comparison, the next highest combat score on the server was from Brady “Thief” Dever of V1 with 272.

His performance is heralding him as one of the greats in NA VALORANT, despite 100 Thieves falling just short of competing at VCT Masters Rejkjavik earlier in the year. The 17-year-old duelist not only got kills but timely ones as shown in this Overtime 2v1 clutch that gave him four kills in the round.

100 Thieves went on to place 3rd at the VCT Stage 3 Challengers 1, qualifying them for the playoffs.

Asuna in action

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Asuna's aggressive playstyle makes him stand out on this execution heavy 100T squad as he knows when to take individual battles and when to work with his team to execute designed plays.

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This match went into overtime and lasted 36 rounds and ended in a victory for 100 Thieves 19-17. They would go on to win their next match 13-5 on Haven and sweep the series 2-0. Asuna would add 11 more kills on map 2 bringing his total to 59 for the entire series.

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In a video uploaded to Asuna's YouTube channel, you can listen in on 100 Thieves' team comms and catch their reactions to Asuna dropping the record-breaking 48 kills.

100 Thieves went on to beat Team Envy in the Semi-Finals and qualify for the Challengers Playoffs in August. However, they would drop their next two matches against XSET and Sentinels.

In the aftermath of 100 Thieves' tournament run, community members began to notice a difference in success based on Asuna's agent selection. Matches where he selects Reyna tend to be better than those where he pick Phoenix or Jett. VALORANT Streamer and former CS:GO pro Jason "jasonR" Ruchelski called out Asuna on Twitter wanting to see more of him on Reyna.

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