asked bang about his important clutch play in the third map’s overtime during 100 Thieves vs. Paper Rex.

100 Thieves managed to stay alive during VCT Masters Shanghai after a scrappy series against Paper Rex. The Americas first seed eliminated the Pacific first seed, and a lot of it is thanks to Sean "bang" Bazerra.

A huge clutch went in his favor during overtime on map three, Icebox. That set the momentum in their favor to snag the victory in the next round.

During a post-match press conference, asked him about the clutch moment, what the comms were like during, and his mindset during these plays when he's on his own to try and make it happen.

100 Thieves' bang on clutching it up against Paper Rex after VCT Masters Shanghai

(Photo by David Lee/Riot Games)
(Photo by David Lee/Riot Games)

The play in question happened with a 12:12 round count on Icebox. It was a 2v2 until PRX's something eliminated 100T's eeiu. With a Viper wall in play, bang choose to raise it and go for a tap on the Spike.

He ate a few shots, but it wasn't enough to take him out. He positioned himself on the A Site Nest, where the Spike was planted by PRX. With knives in hand, something pushed through the wall and was immediately shut down.

Then bang spotted d4v41, using the zipline to get a better position. He landed his shots to take out PRX's Killjoy and rushed back to the Spike. The defuse was successful with just .28 left on the timer.

In the press conference following 100 Thieves vs. Paper Rex, we wanted to get his thoughts on the tide-turning play that sent his team to the Mercedes-Benz Arena:

"The team just tells me what I need to know. The information I need to know. Not really much, though. Usually, whenever you're in a 1v, whenever you're alone, the last one alive, they don't really talk too much."

- 100T bang

In regards to his mindset and how he plays these types of rounds out, he said the following:

"It depends on how much time I have, but I think mostly, a lot of the stuff happens on the fly. Just off of instinct in those situations. I personally feel less pressure whenever I'm the last one alive, and they have more numbers than I do. I'm not supposed to win anyway, honestly. Unless they're on low HP. I personally don't feel like it's too high pressure. Yeah, the biggest thing is instinct, nothing else really."

- 100T bang

100 Thieves moves on in the Lower Bracket of VCT Masters Shanghai, with clear momentum on their side.

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