The Ultimate Bunny outfit in First Descendant has gamers frothing at the mouth just as EVE did for Stellar Blade. Thirst marketing goes hard.

Thirst marketing struck gold for Nexon's First Descendant, after the reveal of Ult Bunny (Ultimate Bunny) had gamers eyeing up the game's release date.

Bunny was already announced as a Standard character, but on June 26, Nexon revealed an alternate Ultimate costume for Bunny which is - as you might expect - making waves online for its sex appeal.

The surge of interest pre-release is similar to the viral impact of EVE's Skin Suit in Stellar Blade. Once again a South Korean games developer is more than happy to do some fan service, especially just a week before their game's release.

Ult Bunny is an Ultimate character in First Descendant
Ult Bunny is an Ultimate character in First Descendant

Ultimate Bunny in First Descendant

The developer took the opportunity for a tongue in cheek joke about why such a suit would even exist. In the Ulti Bunny backstory on Nexon's website we learn that Bunny was not chosen as the first recipient of the "Ultimate technology". However, on her way out of the lab she noticed components of an unfinished Ultimate equipment, originally thought to be a full-body skin suit.

"The downside was that the suit wasn't fully restored, leaving the body exposed in several places. But defense was irrelevant if you didn't get hit in the first place, and this extreme lightweighting was exactly the perfect Ultimate equipment for 'Bunny.'"

- Nexon in Ultimate Bunny's official character profile

The Ultimate Bunny suit consists of Arche-powered battlesuit boots granting lightning speed and a helmet that provides battlefield information.

Ultimate Bunny outfit front and back without her helmet (Image via <a href="">@Pupsker</a>)
Ultimate Bunny outfit front and back without her helmet (Image via @Pupsker)

Skills and abilities

Ultimate Bunny's role will be a Constant DPS according to developers Nexon, with her Descendent Attribute Electricity. Her abilities are the same as her Standard Character version who we meet at the start of the game.

  • Rabbit Foot (Passive): Charges Electricity when moving. Inflicts damage to nearby enemies when landing after a Double Jump.
  • Thrill Bomb (Active Skill): Summons an Electro Orb, dealing damage and inflicting Electrocution on nearby enemies.
  • Speed of Light (Active Skill): Sprint Speed increases significantly and acquires more Electricity.
  • Lighting Emission (Active Skill): Deals damage and inflicts Electrocution on nearby enemies when moving.
  • Maximum Power (Active Skill): Fires Electric forward, dealing damage. Damage increases proportional to the duration.
Ultimate Bunny and Standard Character Bunny side-by-side
Ultimate Bunny and Standard Character Bunny side-by-side

Gameplay of the "Standard Character" Bunny was shared in Q3 of 2023 via her official character trailer. In the trailer she was able to electrify a battlefield, grapple hook into sniper shots and electrocute enemies.

We know from Ultimate Bunny's character profile that this costume will be able to "generate even more currents and manifest Arche abilities that are many times more powerful than before". While we have yet to see extensive gameplay footage of the upgraded version, it will undoubtedly be all over social media once First Descendant launches on June 2.