Here’s when the Maintenance will come to an end! We can’t wait.

The First Descendant released on July 2 and has had thousands of players join the game. With a stellar storytelling and some great visuals, this game has thousands of players hooked. However, Nexon, the game’s developer will need to put the game under maintenance from time to time. Here’s when The First Descendant will go under Maintenance as per the game developer. 

When does The First Descendant Maintenance start?

The First Descendant Maintenance Start Time

The First Descendant went under maintenance on July 3, 2024 to deal with some connection issues. Players were facing the LE:13 connection error as they were trying to log in to the game. However, Nexon has fixed the issue after a not-so-short maintenance period. 

When does The First Descendant Maintenance End?

The First Descendant End Time

The First Descendant Maintenance usually lasts a few hours. Sometimes it can range up to six hours, but the more generic maintenance times are around 2-3 hours long. We will keep updating this article as and when more information comes out about the next maintenance update.

The game developers have also provided some compensation for players for the downtime. This usually involves some cosmetics in game or some more XP. 

Maintenance Completion

07/03 (Wed) 20:25 PDT

Compensation Details

  • Gold Gain Boost +30% (Duration: 3 days)
  • Kyper Shard Gain Boost +30% (Duration: 3 days)
  • Descendant EXP Gain Boost +30% (Duration: 3 days)
  • Weapon Mastery EXP Gain Boost +30% (Duration: 3 days)

The developer regularly update their social media when there is any downtime. Sometimes, things need to be dealt with urgently, and there may be an unannounced Maintenance period. In these situations, we recommend keeping tabs on the game’s social Media Channels to ensure that you receive regular updates.

Stay tuned to for the latest The First Descendant news and updates.