The First Descendant is sitting on a successful launch without official reviews, but the player base has shared their thoughts on the game.

Reviews for The First Descendant are rolling out, and the first ones indicate a fun, yet sometimes unfulfilling title. While we have our own coming, let's take a look at some of the others out there.

The likes of IGN, Metacritic, and the users of Steam are where players go for reviews of The First Descendant, a game that quickly peaked at nearly 230k users.

The First Descendant overtakes Elden Ring as Steam's top seller

(Image via Steam)
(Image via Steam)

First, let's take a look at the early success the game has found. It certainly helps that it has several unique characters with many customization options, but the number one driving force has to be the fact that it is free-to-play.

That makes it open for anyone to give The First Descendant a review if they decide to dive in. And it certainly looks like it has a massive player base to start. Its all-time peak at the time of writing is just about 230k players, and it became Steam's top-selling game during that period.

(Image via SteamDB)
(Image via SteamDB)

With Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree dominating the gaming sphere, it is a rather larger accomplish for The First Ascendant to move in first place on Steam. Keep in mind, too, that this doesn't consider the players on console systems, which could bolster things even further.

A look at The First Descendant reviews

(Image via NEXON)
(Image via NEXON)

Let's start by taking a look outside of Steam. At the time of publication, IGN's review is in progress. There's no number to give at this point, but they are quoted as saying the dialogue is "laughably bad," and the campaign is "packed with filler."

The same is said for Metacritic, regarding a proper review. A 6.4 from users, however, is mixed or average. That's definitely better than bad, though. It falls under the same category as Steam, with Mixed reviews after over 16,000.

Despite the successful launch, it might be hard to keep things rolling in a positive direction. Some Steam players left pretty nasty reviews, though these are countered by just as many upbeat reviews for The First Descendant.

Here are a few snippets on both sides of the spectrum:

Review Quote
"Came for the Gameplay, stayed for the Booty"
"feels like Destiny meets Warframe. amazing game!"
"Good. Not great – not terrible. Goldilocks’ porridge of a game at current. Dire story, repetitive. Has many guns. There’s a light bulb who talks to you and only you and a Bunny who isn’t a real bunny. I think this game will massively improve with time like Warframe did or it will die in 2 months like Anthem."
"This game released with more real money purchasable items than actual gameplay mechanics. Interestingly enough I even bought the currency to buy the battle pass. Jokes on everyone, in-game currency that's been purchased thus far isn't being delivered to players! What a joke."
"This is literally Warframe and Destiny combined in one game, and it's worse than both is basically every aspect."
"The most important part of the game, the gameplay, is severely lacking."

As you can see, the game has players divided. Some love the Warfame/Destiny aspect, while other reviews state The First Ascendant copies them rather poorly.

Right now, just a few hundred more negative reviews were given compared to positive ones on Steam. No doubt the developers are watching and listening to their community, and only time will tell if The First Descendant has what it takes to be the next big looter shooter.

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