Here are a few steps to go through to solve Low FPS in The First Descendant.

The First Descendant has had a well-received start upon release. With thousands of players tuning in to the game, the game has enthralled several who have been waiting for a different kind of FPS. But as is the case with many game launches, The First Descendant also has run into some issues on launch day. Here’s a quick guide on how to fix Low FPS in The First Descendant

How to fix First Descendant Low FPS

Check your System Settings versus the Requirements

The First Descendant is not a game that is hard on your computer. However, if your system is closer to the minimum recommended settings, then it could cause some performance issues in the game. Check your PC and compare it with the Minimum System settings for the game.

Lower Video Resolution

The next step is to tune your game video settings all the way to low. This will ensure that the game does not produce excessive load on your PC and it can run smoothly. Reducing the Video settings down to the minimum will significantly improve performance and make the game run smoothly.

Close Background Processes

Check your computer and close any background processes that are not necessary. Maybe there’s another game running, maybe there’s a software running that is interfering with your computer’s smooth operation. 

To do so, you can go through the following steps

  1. Click Ctrl+Alt+Del
  2. Go to Task Manager
  3. Go through the list of active applications and remove any unwanted
  4. Close any other game that is also running at the same time
  5. Close unwanted applications

Update the Graphics Drivers

You can then update your graphics drivers. If your System surpasses the minimum recommended settings, but you are still not getting the optimal performance, it might be an update pending on your graphics driver that is causing an issue. 

Update the Game

While this is an issue that should automatically download once you click on Play. Sometimes it helps to simply close the game and restart it. This will ensure that any intermittent updates are downloaded. You can then play the latest version of the game and it will help your game run much more smoothly. 

Any game receives a bunch of smaller updates closer to launch. This often leads to several improvements over the first few days and that will have a significant impact on the player’ satisfaction.

The First Descendant is a first-person post-apocalyptic shooter game that revolves around you defending humanity. 

Stay tuned to for the latest The First Descendant Game and updates.