How to connect your account to claim free Twitch Drops for The First Descendant. Five rewards available including Twitch Color Paints for Bunny.

The First Descendant will be rewarding players with Twitch Drops for the opening weeks of the game, just as they did for the Crossplay Open Beta.

There are a total of five rewards you can claim, each being unlocked after watching a certain number of minutes of The First Descendant streams on Twitch. The first reward unlocks after watching 15 minutes and the last after 120 minutes. Be aware you do not need to watch these all in one go as it will track your watch time progress cumulatively.

Interest in the game has spiked following the reveal of the Ultimate Bunny skin suit.

The First Descendant Twitch Drops Rewards

You must manually claim these rewards via your Twitch Drops inventory after connecting your accounts (instructions below). The drops will begin from July 2. You can already pre-download the full game or play the demo while you wait.

The First Descendant Twitch Drops for the game's launch on June 2
The First Descendant Twitch Drops for the game's launch on June 2
Reward Preview
Twitch Drop Reward
Twitch stream Watch Time
Pizza Chest Twitch Drop for First Descendant"Pizza" Chest AttachmentWatch for 15 minutes
Kuiper Shards15,000 Gold and 1,500 Kuiper Shards (Currency needed for Weapon & Descendant Module Enhancements)Watch for 30 minutes
Gloomy EmoteGloomy EmoteWatch for 60 minutes
First Descendant Twitch Color Paints"Twitch Color" PaintsWatch for 90 minutes
first descendant twitch drop x-ray back attachment"X-Ray" Back AttachmentWatch for 120 Minutes
The Twitch Drops rewards for The First Descendant launch

How to get The First Descendant Twitch Drops

Here is how to connect your accounts so you can claim your The First Descendant Twitch Drops once the game releases on July 2, 2024.

  1. Watch at least 15 minutes to unlock first of five rewards
  2. Head to your Twitch Drops inventory and select "Claim Now"

How long do I have to claim?

The campaign for the First Descendant Launch will run from midnight on June 2, 2024 to June 29, 2024 (PDT).