Nexon has announced compensation to impacted players.

The First Descendant is a free-to-play first-person shooter game. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you are tasked with defending humanity. However, things have not been smooth at launch with the game facing a number of issues. Here’s what the problem players are facing with getting the Caliber Currency in The First Descendant. 

What is the First Descendant Caliber Bug?

Several players have reported buying Caliber currency but not receiving money. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending real money to get virtual coins, and then not receiving the coins at all. Thankfully, the developers havea acknowledged this as an issue and are working to find the cause and issue an update.

We have identified an issue where there is a delay in the delivery of Caliber upon payment and Twitch Drops reward.

  • Found issue
    • Delay upon Caliber delivery into inventory
    • Delay in Twitch Drops reward

Many players reported not receiving the caliber, but the fix is slowly being rolled out. Many users on social media have acknowledged receiving caliber for their efforts. Nexon Games has issued a statement saying they have rectified the issue. The delay in Caliber’s being deposited into player accounts is no longer an issue and players can enjoy the game without worry.

Calibers and Twitch Drops still not visible in The First Descendant?

If you have purchased Caliber before the fix was rolled out, then you might need to restart the game to see your Caliber. For any players purchasing Calibers henceforth, the Calibers will be deposited into player accounts within ten seconds. 

  • Check Caliber: Inventory (I) > Store > Inbox
  • Check Twitch Drops: Albion > Mailbox

First Descendant Compensation

With the downtime, Nexon has assigned users some compensation. 

  • Compensation Details
    • Gold Gain +30% Boost (Duration 3 days)
    • Kuiper Shard Gain +30% Boost (Duration 3 days)
    • Descendant EXP Gain + 30% Boost (Duration 3 days)
    • Weapon Proficiency EXP Gain +30% Boost (Duration 3 days)

The First Descendant is already live on multiple platforms. While there have been some issues on the first day, it is still a game that has been relatively well-received. The mixed reviews could be due to some launch-day problems but you can try the free-to-play game for yourself. 

Stay tuned to for the latest The First Descendant Game and updates.