Tekken World Tour 2024: Format, schedule & more cover image

Tekken World Tour 2024: Format, schedule & more

Full details on the Tekken World Tour 2024.

Bandai Namco have announced the Tekken World Tour 2024, to be played on the latest iteration of their hit fighting game, Tekken 8.

Evens will start April 13. The Tekken World Tour 2024 will feature several events, including Dojo events open to anyone to play.

Tekken World Tour 2024 will be offline only

A big change for the 2024 Tekken World Tour is that events will be offline only. The circuit will feature no online events. There will be in person events all over the world, including those open to anyone to play. Tekken have acknowledged that not everyone can be a sponsored player and fly all over the world to compete.

New Dojo events will allow anyone to jump into the action. Dojo submissions for locations will open at the end of March. Players can compete in these regional Dojo events to earn points towards the regional and global leaderboards.

Players can only compete in one region. This will prevent players from chancing their hand in multiple regions at once.


Bandai Namco have revealed the regions for the upcoming Tekken World Tour 2024. Your region must be your country of residence.

Two paths to Tekken World Tour Finals 2024

This feeds into the new system to qualify for the season ending World Tour finals. There are now two paths to qualify for this event.

Players can qualify through the Global leaderboard. Master +, Master, Challenger and Dojo events will all carry towards this global leaderboard. The highest ranked players will qualify for the World Tour finals.

There is also a new regional route. By playing Dojo events in your region, the #1 ranked player from each region will also qualify for the event.

First events already announced

The first of two Masters+ events will take place in April. Players will head to Tokyo, at the Ariake Gym-EX to compete for their first points towards World Tour final qualification. Action takes place between April 27-29.

Registration is open, and will close on March 22nd for this event.

The second Master+ event is in Las Vegas between July 19 to 21. It will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Registration for this event is also open, and ends June 24.

First Tekken World Tour 2024 Challenger event announced

There has been an announcement of when the first Challenger Event of the Tekken World Tour 2024 will be, and where.

The Electric Clash 2024 will be held on April 20, in Ontario Canada. Registration is open now, and ends April 16.

There will be a range of other events, all at different levels of prestige. To see the full event calendar, and register for events, visit the Tekken World Tour Website.

How to enter the Tekken World Tour 2024

The registration hub for the World Tour will launch soon. Check back here for more details.

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