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All Tekken Games in Chronological order

The first Tekken game released in 1994

It’s been almost seven years since the last Tekken game released and fans cannot wait to get their hands on the latest edition. The game has an immersive story mode and also online play that allows you to play with your friends. But if you want to know more about the history of Tekken games, here are all the Tekken titles in chronological order. 

The Tekken franchise story revolves around the Mishima clan and their power struggles. In some titles it is a father versus son or a grandfather versus grandson story. The story focuses on the evolution of the Mishima family and their supernatural powers that fuel a constant battle throughout the years. 

Tekken Games list in chronological Order

Image Credit: Bandai Namco
Image Credit: Bandai Namco

Over the past few decades, Tekken has had multiple game releases, each game continuing the Grand story. And with each title, also come small hardware and gameplay improvements that keep the series fresh with the times.

Here are all the Tekken Games in chronological order and the year of release

  1. Tekken (1994)
  2. Tekken 2 (1995)
  3. Tekken 3 (1997)
  4. Tekken Tag Tournament (1997)
  5. Tekken Card Challenge (1999)
  6. Tekken Advance (2001)
  7. Tekken 4 (2001)
  8. Tekken 5 (2004)
  9. Death By Degrees (2005)
  10. Tekken Dark Resurrection (2005)
  11. Tekken 6 (2007)
  12. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2011)
  13. Tekken 3D: Prime Edition (2012)
  14. Tekken Revolution (2015)
  15. Tekken 7 (2015)
  16. Pokken Tournament (2015)
  17. Tekken Mobile (2017)
  18. Tekken 8 (2024)

The series has several spinoff games such as the Tag Tournament and the Card Challenge. Both of these games featured characters from Tekken 3 as well as a few from Tekken 2. The Card Challenge was a card game for the console WonderSwan (Japan-exclusive). 

Nina Williams got her own spinoff game with Death By Degrees in 2005. The Dark Resurrection was a PSP exclusive with a few new characters. The Pokken tournament in 2015 saw Tekken collaborating with the Pokemon franchising to feature a fighting style game but with Tekken Mechanics and Pokemon characters. On the Switch, its name became Pokken Tournament DX. 

Tekken Mobile was possibly one of the biggest failures of the game franchise. The unpopular, pay-to-win features meant the game was shut down in approximately a year. 

Tekken 8 releases after a gap of nearly seven years. The previous edition of the series was released in 2017 

Tekken games continue the original storyline

While there have been many spinoffs, the original storyline has always found continuation with the main Tekken games. 

It all starts with the original Tekken game that released in 1994. Kazuya Mishima is the main character for this game. His father,  Heihachi, threw him into a pit when he was five years old. Heihach wanted to check if his son had the same power as his mother. The fall was nearly lethal, but Kazuya survived with a permanent scar on his chest. 

Tekken features the story of Kazuya’s revenge story against his father. He took part in a Martial Arts tournament with a large prize money for the person who could defeat Heihachi Mishima. 

Kazuya defeated his father on the same field where he was thrown off the cliff. And he handed out a similar treatment to his father. However, just like the first time, but this time with his father, Heihachi survived the fall due to supernatural endurance and would make a comeback with the second edition of the game. 

Jun Kazama realized that Kazuya had supernatural strength from the Devil and in Tekken 3, the father and son duo have their clash again. Kazuya’s lifeless body, after the defeat, is tossed into a volcano, but the Devil finds its way to the pregnant Jun Kazama. The lore continues as the family grows in size and stature. 

Tekken 8 releases on January 26, 2024 continuing the lore. The game will be available on multiple platforms including PC, Xbox and PS5. For Tekken fans, the cross-play feature will be one of the most exciting news as it means they can play with their friends irrespective of their platform of choice. 

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