It is confirmed that Tekken 8 will have crossplay.

Tekken 8 builds on the Tekken legacy furthering the story and adding improved performance for a more fulfilling experience. The game is best enjoyed with friends and family. While the cross-progression is something Tekken fans are celebrating, there has been some doubt if Tekken 8 is available on Nintendo Switch.

Is Tekken 8 available on Nintendo Switch?

No, Tekken 8 is not available to play on Nintendo Switch.

Despite its launch nearly ten years after the previous edition. Tekken 8 has not made its way to the Nintendo Switch. The game will be available on multiple platforms such as the PS5, Xbox Series S|X as well as PC. But Nintendo Switch players will not have the joy of experiencing Tekken 8 on their devices.

It is also important to note that Tekken 8 is only launching on the next-gen consoles. Which means it will not launch on PS4 or Xbox One. So naturally, the launch on Nintendo Switch was always going to be a big question mark. 

Tekken 8 brings significant improvements

Tekken 8 brings improved performance, graphics, and significant quality-of-life improvements. Tekken 8 releases on January 26 and players who pre-order will also receive some bonuses

Tekken 8 is crossplay and players can enjoy the game with their friends and family even if they are on different platforms. This is one of the strongest suits for the new Fighting Game. 

Even though Tekken 8 will not launch on Nintendo Switch, this might change in the future. Bandai Namco has shown more flexibility when it comes to bringing Switch versions for some of its title. Whether it will do the same for Tekken 8 or not, is still up for debate. None of the main Tekken games have ever found their way to Nintendo Consoles. Only three spinoff titles - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the Wii U, Tekken 3D Prime on the 3DS, and Tekken Advance on the GBA found a place in Nintendo Consoles. So the chances of a Tekken 8 port coming to Switch look very slim. 

Meanwhile, you can enjoy Tekken 8 which has been built with the latest consoles and PC specifications in mind. 

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