You can cop King’s iconic Tekken 3 fit from next year cover image

You can cop King’s iconic Tekken 3 fit from next year

Namco has partnered with clothing brand Prix Workshop to bring King’s iconic Tekken 3 fit to life in 2023

Being stuck with the player two outfits in some fighting games can be a drag, but back in ‘97 there wasn’t anything bad about being landed with King’s Tekken 3 P2 outfit. The leopard print-trim track pants, the loose-fit oversized T, and the high-tops just hit different. And now this outfit can be yours, from 2023, as Namco partners with clothing brand Prix Workshop to bring it to life.

First revealed as part of the Tekken World Tour 2022: North America Regional Finals, this collab will bring a half dozen Tekken 3-inspired t-shirts, vests, and other apparel, including the King attire.

King’s sharp Tekken 3 fit

(Image via Prix)
(Image via Prix)

King’s Tekken 3 fit has become a staple of nerds looking for a cool-looking halloween costume, but only having the budget for a t-shirt and some tracksuit trousers. Now, by coupling PRIX’s official Tekken 3 shirt and track bottoms with some high-top PUMAs (I mean, there’s no official word on what the high-tops are meant to be, but King is a Jaguar? PUMA? It has to be…) you can have the same fit as Tekken’s signature wrestler.

Honestly, over the years Tekken has always done well by its characters when it comes to clothing. The sharp tailored suits of Lee Chaolan (and King for that matter), the elegant gowns of Anna Williams, and now, with the Tekken 8 reveal, Kazuya once again styling on people with another sharp-looking suit. 

(Image via Prix)
(Image via Prix)

PRIX Workshop seems like the perfect partner to bring these to life with. The premium clothing brand drops stylish streetwear with lo-fi stylings and a nostalgic edge. Its current line looks like the clothes you’d see in an old Japanese drift-car video from the 90s. Which is the perfect aesthetic for a Tekken 3 line of clothes.

The full line of Tekken 3 apparel drops on Jan. 18, 2023. Keep your eyes peeled to Prix’s instagram for more details.