In the trailer, you can watch dysfunctional family members Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama battle it out in the rain on top of a volcano in the way only the Mishima’s know how.

Tekken fans rejoice as a jaw-dropping trailer for Tekken 8 just dropped. The trailer, that depicts a battle between Kazuya, and son Jin Kazama, shows off in high frame rate and incredible resolution some of the stuff we can expect from Tekken 8. It was revealed as part of the September 14th State of Play showcase by PlayStation.

The trailer, which can be watched in its full glory at 4k, appears to depict in-game footage, as well as cinematic potions. This, coupled with the high frame rate and signature moves of Kazuya and Jin suggests this is a teaser of in-game footage, but heavily scripted and spliced with pre-rendered cutscenes. 

However, the in game portions are so good-looking, they’re definitely something to be excited for. This is the first look at Tekken 8 we’ve had since Harada made a teasing announcement. Some Nvidia leak’s in 2021 also suggested a new Tekken game, but Harada’s statement was the first true announcement.

Snippets from the Tekken 8 Trailer (Image via Bandai Namco)
Snippets from the Tekken 8 Trailer (Image via Bandai Namco)

Lore fans can also grab onto the fact Jin looks to have far more control over his Devil Gene now, with his half-devil form empowering his attacks.

(Image via Bandai Namco)

While it’s not much, and we don’t have a date, or a time, and it’s only confirmed on PS5, Tekken fans, who know Tekken 7 is entering its final phases, and don’t have much to look forward to, can reasonably be excited. And Tekken 8, so far, thanks to the trailer, looks like it won’t disappoint. 

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