Razer’s new Snap Tap Mode feature for their Huntsman V3 Pro line of keyboards could be a game-changer for esports pros and aspiring players.

Razer are introducing a new esports-centric feature called Snap Tap Mode to their Huntsman V3 Pro line of keyboards. The new feature has the potential to give its users a competitive edge when it comes to movement in-game, in particular when it comes to counter-strafing.

This news comes just a year after Razer announced Rapid Trigger Mode for the same line of keyboards, which allows for much faster key presses than on standard keyboards.

Snap Tap Mode will be available on the Huntsman V3 Pro series line of Razer keyboards
Snap Tap Mode will be available on the Huntsman V3 Pro series line of Razer keyboards

What is Razer's Snap Tap Mode?

Snap Tap Mode when enabled will prioritize your most recent input whenever two keys are pressed at the same time, without you having to release the previous key. This feature allows players to change direction more quickly in FPS titles, shaving milliseconds off the time it takes them to traditionally release one directional button to press another.


When it comes to the benefits of Snap Tap Mode in a competitive setting there are two that standout. The first being its impact on traditional counter-strafing, and the second for movement in general.

Counter-strafing is an optimization technique picked up by those who want to genuinely excel in online shooters. Snap Tap Mode when enabled, allows players to counter-strafe faster and more easily, meaning they can fire their shot a split second earlier, which in online games - when you also factor ping into the equation - is a massive deal.

Outside of counter-strafing, Snap Tap Mode also makes player movements more smooth, reducing the risk of the player being motionless and an easy target for an AWP or Operator.

Razer's Snap Tap Mode Off vs On: What's the difference?

You can see the difference between when Snap Tap Mode via the two gifs shared by Razer to demonstrate the new Huntsman V3 Pro line feature.

How to install Razer Snap Tap Mode?

Snap Tap Mode was integrated into Razer Synapse through an update starting from July 9, 2024. To gain access to Snap Tap Mode, update both your firmware and Razer Synapse to the latest versions. If the update is not visible, check back in a few days as the update time may vary based on your region.

Be aware you will need to own one of the follow Huntsman V3 Pro Line keyboards to use Snap Tap Mode:

What do the Pros think?

As part of the announcement, Razer shared testimonials from four players on teams they currently sponsor. The players featured were Deryeon, SyouTa and BeYN, three Asia-Pacific VALORANT players, and XertioN, a 2-time ESL Pro League Champion in Counter-Strike 2.

BeYN from DRX's VALORANT team vouched for the new Snap Tap Mode
BeYN from DRX's VALORANT team vouched for the new Snap Tap Mode
  • Deryeon of BLEED: "Snap Tap brings a whole new level of fluidity to my movement."
  • SyouTa of FENNEL: "Using Snap Tap has completely transformed my in-game movement."
  • BeYN of DRX: "Counter-strafing with snap tap feels so crispy and responsive."
  • XertioN of MOUZ: "It's amazing just how clean and sharp movement is now."

Razer continues to live up to its motto of for gamers by gamers, because Snap Tap Mode is very much a niche but high value proposition for gamers.